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You will find out whether business ideas popular in Europe will be able to take root with us, and how successful they will be. What areas for small businesses from the Old World can be promoted in Russia?

The fashion for small business is growing in Russia. Most business ideas are being introduced from abroad - from Europe and the USA.

How to choose the right idea, implement it, will it work in the Russian Federation and in the near abroad at all, and what mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make - read our article.

Why are some overseas business ideas different from domestic ones

The principles of organizing and conducting business differ from country to country. This is due to different economic development models, cultural differences and mental characteristics of the population.

These factors determine whether this or that product or service will be popular - how much it will be in demand among the local population.

For example, fast food is the most in demand in the United States. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all - the pace of life and culture of the population. Americans are a nation of entrepreneurs.

They constantly go about their business - business, study, sports, etc. Therefore, they do not always have time to cook at home or wait until they prepare an order in a restaurant. Everything is much faster in fast food, hence such a high popularity.

Western Europe has a high percentage of the population who eat only in cafes and restaurants. For example, in Holland it is cheaper to go to a restaurant than to buy groceries and cook food at home, so the restaurant business is well developed in this country.

Russia also has its own peculiarities that must be taken into account. The entrepreneur must adapt his business idea to the needs of the local population.

The Americans turned out to be not so "stupid" as the famous satirist called them, when it turned out that it was in the USA that the ideas of a profitable business were born, and a large number of people successfully use them. The "old woman" Europe is not lagging behind the country of the New World, where golden minds of business implement their best ideas for making money.

By the way, practically everything that businessmen of Runet have today is all the work of Western minds, therefore both online and offline the palm in generating profitable types of business and the best ideas for their implementation is still held Foreigners.

Who knows, maybe in Russia the "Kulibins" and "Cherepanovs" of business will turn the tide of history, and entrepreneurs from America and Europe will enthusiastically follow the novelties of "making money in Russian", but for now let's talk about what the "bourgeois" have thought of, which already works successfully in many countries and does not require large investments.

New business in America, which is not in Russia

Surely many people thought about starting their own business, but when faced with a question about the start-up capital and what exactly to do to make it profitable, they immediately rejected this idea. There is a quite reasonable justification for this - a lot of competition in a certain type of activity and the fear of losing the invested funds.

Abroad - both in Europe and America - for many residents, small business is not only the main source of daily income, but also their way of life. The only way out of lack of money is to come up with new ideas and look for creative ways to implement them, this is especially true in settlements located far from the capital's life.

May be the craziest at first glance, but this is the secret of the success of many Americans and Europeans, who managed to amass good capital, doing something that no one else has thought of.

Of course, in a small business sooner or later there will still be competitors who "shamelessly" borrow the brainchild of the developer, and the business will cease to bring sufficient profit. Consider the popular new products that have just come from abroad and have already begun to give good results in Russia.

A restaurant that won't let you get fat. It is known that in America, and in many European countries, fast foods and fast food restaurants make up a huge part of the country's economy and, of course, competition among the owners of establishments. For people who follow their figure or simply want to lose weight, it is extremely important to know how many calories a particular dish contains. The idea of ​​making a profit is that the calorie content of each dish is indicated in the menu of portable cafes and restaurants. This American novelty has become popular in Russia as well, because it is no longer a secret for anyone that many people are seriously keen on a healthy lifestyle and going to gyms, and there is not enough time for cooking. Abroad, you can get an incentive prize in the form of a glass of beer or "cola" for eating the most fatty and high-calorie dish.

Caramel is an inexhaustible source of income. There are not so many things that a person will be happy with all his life, and one of them is caramel. Sweets will always be in vogue, and making gourmet caramel requires delicious fruit syrup, purified water and granulated sugar. Of course, each master has his own secret of cooking, but nevertheless this type of activity will never lose its popularity. An innovation in this direction is that the buyer sees the whole process of making the kind of sweets he likes, on the cut of which the master can make a "cartoon", the buyer's initials or a beautiful picture. This idea allows you to open your own, which will generate income for many years.

Bulky groceries - a blow to the crisis. Think about how you can interest a person in a crisis? Of course, low prices for food products and their high quality. A new direction in the grocery trade is the release of products without packaging. It is known that almost a third of the cost of many brands is the price that the buyer overpays for a beautiful wrapper. The American idea of ​​making a profit is to sell bulk products in a store, which are in transparent containers. The buyer always sees what kind of tea, coffee, pasta, cereals and other products he buys, while the price tags set not only the value of the goods, but also the difference between packaged and bulk products.

When looking for working business ideas, aspiring entrepreneurs often turn to other people's experience. One of the most popular ways to find a business idea is to see what's going on abroad.

Just keep in mind that the markets of different countries are still very different from each other. It is one thing for advanced economies like the United States and Singapore, which are head and shoulders above other countries in terms of development, and quite another for Iran and Bangladesh, which are developing at a rapid pace, but only follow global trends, not set them.

Already today on the Russian market you can find a lot of ideas spied abroad. They differ only in the degree of borrowing. You can just copy someone else's idea and expect that it will "shoot" due to the absence of competitors. “Success abroad does not always mean success in Russia. So unlucky couponers and some sharing services "- says the founder of the service for managing courier delivery Bringo Mark Kapchits.

This proves once again that even the most fashionable and creative foreign idea may not be in demand in Russia. And the thing is that it is simply not interesting to the local population. In addition, you need to understand that a Western startup and a Russian startup are two different things, and take into account the specifics of your country: a different level of bureaucracy, state support, legislation and even the mentality of the population.

You shouldn't blindly copy a foreign idea. But it still makes sense to be inspired by examples from other countries, and then adapt them to the Russian market. We invite you to familiarize yourself with business ideas from abroad, which promise to become especially popular in 2021.

Booking Platforms

We are all somehow familiar with the Airbnb service, which allows you to rent an apartment in another city or country while sitting at your computer at home. However, when it first appeared in 2021, the service itself was new. Now this market is actively developing, and analogues of Airbnb are appearing in other industries.

Services like Airbnb, aimed at vacationers and travelers, are already successfully entering the market, but services aimed at business owners and allowing them to rent short-term space to work are just beginning to emerge.

In this case, the workspace is understood not only the usual offices and conference rooms, but, for example, places for yoga classes.

At the same time, there are many other areas in which online booking platforms could be created. Currently, the most attractive and unoccupied niche in terms of profit is the platform for booking venues for events (birthdays, corporate events, weddings). Such a service can bring good income if you manage to attract a sufficiently large number of site owners and potential customers to cooperation.

Business ideas that are not yet in Russia

By Elena Last updated Oct 2, 2021

Business ideas that are not available in Russia can bring good income. Having decided to start a business, you always want to be sure that the chosen niche will be able to bring good income. For the sake of achieving this goal, many people decide to take as a basis projects that have received widespread success in our country. However, doing this is not always right. It always makes sense to take note of foreign business ideas that are not in Russia.

Of course, such actions are always fraught with great risks, but ideas that do not exist in Russia can also turn out to be incredibly cost-effective. You just need to show a little courage and set off on the road.

Why foreign projects can be promising

Today, entrepreneurial activity has gained incredible popularity. People are increasingly making the decision to stop working for someone else's uncle and become their own boss. Moreover, the state offers various programs to start a business. Good subsidies and support are a great start.

However, any businessman at the first stage of his success always faces a serious problem - the choice of a suitable activity. You always want to have minimal risks. Therefore, the first thoughts are the opening of well-known projects, directions, something that has already received special recognition among the population.

Of course, doing this is beneficial, but it's better to show your individuality. Business ideas that are not available in Russia will be an excellent way out of this situation. You can always turn to foreign comrades. The main reasons why you should pay attention to business ideas that are not in Russia are:

  • demand - starting your own business is always relevant;
  • originality - it is always easier to follow a template, but such projects cannot be called new and interesting. And here there is every chance to occupy a new niche, to become the very first in it. We must not forget about the absence of competitors;
  • high payback - the lack of analogues will lead the main crowd of people to your business. Increased demand will be guaranteed, followed by stability and high incomes.

Most often, a new business in Russia brings profit in 2021. Ideas can be very diverse. The main thing is to choose the one that will be really interesting. The helpful book 45 Tattoos of a Manager is a guide for the aspiring entrepreneur.

Business ideas that do not exist in Russia: the necessary knowledge

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas from abroad". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

New business ideas from Europe

Starting a new business without competition is the dream of every entrepreneur. It is possible to get such conditions if you start in a free niche. Take a look at new business ideas already tested in practice in Europe.


Wise businessmen with vast experience and understanding of the essence of the laws of market development advise not to start your business path from areas with high competition. They recommend looking for innovative products and services, occupying vacant niches in which only a few are working.

You don't have to enter the market with your own start-up. You can use new ideas that have begun to be implemented in the United States or European countries. Many of them are already successful and in demand abroad, but they are not yet available to the Russian consumer.

Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation

The relative abundance and marketing policy of grocery stores gives shoppers a choice of vegetables and fruits. This picture looks especially vivid in supermarkets, where customers line up in long lines and inspect each apple or orange for a long time, trying to buy the most beautiful and ripe fruits. The remaining products are quite usable, but look unsightly. The shelf life of products, especially fresh ones, is short-lived. The supermarket management will have to throw away the leftovers.

But you can use this resource wisely and launch a line for processing illiquid assets and producing various food products from it: juices, jams and purees, fruit and vegetable salads, soups and cereals. We are not talking about rotten vegetables and fruits, but about those that have simply lost their presentation. Enter into an agreement with the management of several supermarkets and buy raw materials from them at a low price. Finished products can be sold in the same supermarkets.

This is a very fashionable and promising direction. Rest in the outback, living in a country house or in a tent, hiking along picturesque and non-trivial routes attract the wealthy and tired of the city bustle of the inhabitants of megalopolises. Eco-tourism is a great alternative to the rather boring luxury resorts and idle reclining on the beach.

The organization of such tours requires a minimum of costs and is not particularly difficult, but brings high profits. Eco-tourists do not expect comfortable conditions, they are looking for new, sometimes, thrills, want to test their endurance and get closer to nature at least for a while. But it is still necessary to ensure the safety of customers.

Selling liquid that repels water

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