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Starting your own business abroad

Due to the current economic situation in our country, many Russians prefer to organize business outside its borders.

This is not surprising, since the conditions for the development of one's business in Russia cannot be called ideal: lengthy bureaucratic procedures when registering a business, an unstable political situation, high interest rates on loans for business development, corruption, the virtual absence of state support for beginners entrepreneurs. Therefore, many of our compatriots decide to open a business abroad.

If you have already decided to open your own business abroad, then you should proceed as follows.

  • It is necessary to determine the field of activity and whether it will be aimed at organizing services for the local population. This is an important point, because in some countries (for example, in the USA) for a business with a foreign address, easier working conditions and tax payments are created.
  • Select the country in which you would like to open your business. To do this, you need to study how developed the market for those services that you are going to offer there. On the one hand, if there are no such services in this country, you can become an innovator in this business and work with no competition at all. On the other hand, if there is a large volume of the same services in this country, there is a chance that your business will be uncompetitive. Therefore, it is worth planning your advertising campaign carefully.
  • Having finally decided on the country (or at least reducing the list of all options to three), in which you will develop your business, you should take care of the availability of investments in your own business or find a partner - a citizen of this state.
  • Having chosen the direction of business and the country, visit the legal and economic consultation in your city. A visit to a specialist will help save time reading the laws of the countries of interest. In addition, they will answer all your questions regarding the paperwork for starting your own business.
  • Carefully study the tax legislation of the country in which you plan to organize your business.
  • Having finally decided on the country and direction in business, find a competent lawyer who will help you draw up all the documents correctly and give additional advice on doing business in the selected country.

  • Denmark.
  • USA.
  • Canada.
  • Singapore.
  • New Zealand.

1. Danish legislation allows foreign citizens to open their own business in this country. It will be easier to do this if you have received a residence permit. It is important to note that the tourism industry is well developed in this country. Therefore, by opening your own small cafe or eatery in Denmark, you will make the right choice, and your establishment will be in demand among tourists.

To open such a business, you will need an amount of $ 10,000 or more. Loans in Denmark are issued to foreigners with a temporary residence permit. The loan interest is approximately 7-12% per annum.

Another positive side of starting a business in Denmark is government assistance to start-up entrepreneurs, which is manifested in tax cuts in the first year of business.

3. Starting a business in Canada has a number of advantages: this country has the lowest electricity cost in the world, favorable conditions for attracting investment, low construction costs, low land prices, a large number of federal and provincial programs to support and develop small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, the country's official authorities provide support to start-up entrepreneurs, allowing them to assess their business potential. To do this, you need to answer the questions of the National Test for Entrepreneurs, which can be found on the Internet. Based on the test results, you will receive a list of tips, as well as an overall assessment of your business potential in a given country.

4. Singapore is considered to be one of the most important financial centers in the world. Often our compatriots think about starting a business in this particular state. Excellent conditions have been created here for starting your own business: a high standard of living, a stable economic environment, no crime, a developed financial infrastructure, a preferential tax policy for small businesses, and an attractive investment climate.

5. New Zealand is an ideal country for entrepreneurship. First, the taxation and reporting systems are clear and simple, especially for small businesses. Secondly, in this state, most areas of entrepreneurial activity do not require any permits, with the exception of some (medicine, restaurant services, real estate activities, trade in alcoholic beverages), for which a license is required.

Wise businessmen with vast experience and understanding of the essence of the laws of market development advise not to start your business path from areas with high competition. They recommend looking for innovative products and services, occupying vacant niches in which only a few are working.

You don't have to enter the market with your own start-up. You can use new ideas that have begun to be implemented in the United States or European countries. Many of them are already successful and in demand abroad, but they are not yet available to the Russian consumer.

Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation

The relative abundance and marketing policy of grocery stores gives shoppers a choice of vegetables and fruits. This picture looks especially vivid in supermarkets, where customers line up in long lines and inspect each apple or orange for a long time, trying to buy the most beautiful and ripe fruits. The remaining products are quite usable, but look unsightly. The shelf life of products, especially fresh ones, is short-lived. The supermarket management will have to throw away the leftovers.

But you can use this resource wisely and launch a line for processing illiquid assets and producing various food products from it: juices, jams and purees, fruit and vegetable salads, soups and cereals. We are not talking about rotten vegetables and fruits, but about those that have simply lost their presentation. Enter into an agreement with the management of several supermarkets and buy raw materials from them at a low price. Finished products can be sold in the same supermarkets.


This is a very fashionable and promising direction. Rest in the outback, living in a country house or in a tent, hiking along picturesque and non-trivial routes attract the wealthy and tired of the city bustle of the inhabitants of megalopolises. Eco-tourism is a great alternative to the rather boring luxury resorts and idle reclining on the beach.

The organization of such tours requires a minimum of costs and is not particularly difficult, but brings high profits. Eco-tourists do not expect comfortable conditions, they are looking for new, sometimes, thrills, want to test their endurance and get closer to nature at least for a while. But it is still necessary to ensure the safety of customers.

Selling liquid that repels water

A profitable business can be created by selling innovative products. One of them is Ultra Ever Dry. It is a revolutionary substance that has the ability to repel any liquid. The surface treated with Ultra Ever Dry does not get wet, is not contaminated with liquid concrete mixtures, oils, liquid mud. This product can be used in everyday life, in construction and repair work, in production.

The advantage of selling innovative products is favorable conditions for cooperation from manufacturers and the opportunity to occupy a free niche.

Outsourced Call Center

More and more companies working in the field of sales and service feel the need to keep in touch with their customers. The most effective way to inform about new offers, conduct surveys and provide full service is by telephone.

Why are business ideas from Europe interesting for us? They attract our enterprising compatriots mainly by their novelty, creativity and uniqueness of the solution.

Of course, they must be adjusted to our conditions - adapted. A businessman who has managed to implement European ideas for entrepreneurship can be awarded the title of pioneer.

Let's look at those that will take root or have already taken root and adapted to our mentality, geographic and economic conditions.

- Protective liquid for surfaces "Ultra Ever Dry". The essence of the action; water-repellent and stain-proof function. Before starting to use the surface, it is covered with this product. After use, they are removed, and the object or thing remains dry and clean. A very useful thing. Useful on the robot and at home.

This case is not very common in our country. The niche is almost free - occupy and do whoever is interested.

- "Bicycle rental on the machine". The innovation was introduced by the bikedispenser company. om in the city of Amsterdam. To improve the bike rental service and the speed of the operation itself, which takes only 15 seconds, they installed rental machines. Where you take a drive for a couple of euros, and you can return it there or to another similar rental point.

This type of activity is called vending. There are almost no competitors in our country. The field for collecting fruits is wide and few will interfere.

- The next innovation is the use of snow for advertising purposes. Curb, a well-known advertising agency in London, has always distinguished itself by using natural materials in its activities.

This is the first time Curb has used winter wealth in an advertising campaign for Extreme TV. About two thousand TV company logos were created in the snow. The inhabitants immediately noticed this innovation. An original approach to advertising, brought its results.

The bottom line is that our winters will never end. The main thing is imagery of thinking, imagination and of course clients.

- Another topical winter type of earnings, rental of New Year's costumes. Quite a profitable business, while not widespread due to its inconstancy. You won't make money on this business all year round. But those who ventured to do it do not complain and are satisfied.

TOP-interesting business ideas from Europe that will help you get rich in Russia

»Small business is growing in fashion in Russia. Most business ideas are being introduced from abroad - from Europe and the USA.

These factors determine whether this or that product or service will be popular - how much it will be in demand among the local population. For example, fast food is the most in demand in the United States.

This is due to a number of reasons. First of all - the pace of life and culture of the population.

The best foreign business ideas: a selection of "startups" for Russia

What business ideas exist that are not in Russia?

Therefore, in the process of its implementation, it is necessary to adjust to our reality.

If we take business ideas from America as an example, any options in the field of catering and services have gained particular popularity in this country.

US startups also take into account the perpetual employment of Americans by offering products that help save time. For example, families with elderly relatives will not give up on a watch that reminds of taking medicine or a pillow to prevent falls.

Business ideas from Europe

›attract our entrepreneurs with their“ freshness ”and originality, and with the proper approach, they can be implemented in Russia. No one can give a 100% chance that a business idea will bring fame and fortune to its creator. However, business ideas from Europe attract entrepreneurs with their freshness and originality. and the example of "foreign" colleagues, they have the opportunity to observe the embodiment of the idea, its strengths and weaknesses, perception by clients. it is possible to learn from someone else's experience and adapt other people's ideas to Russian life realities. Moreover, the level of competition in this situation will be absent or so minimal that it will be possible not to pay special attention to it. Doing your own business in a European way is, as a rule, something innovative that has not been implemented before. an entrepreneur who implements business ideas

Adaptation of new foreign business ideas in three steps: find, comprehend, implement

New business ideas come from abroad quite often. Therefore, it makes sense to periodically monitor new business trends abroad.

Everyone who wants to get rid of the status of an employee and increase income through entrepreneurial activities in the field of small business is asked a number of questions. Where to find sources of business ideas, what type of activity to choose, what is new in America and Europe, what difficulties can you face when implementing foreign innovations in Russia? Is it better to buy a franchise or start your own business? Within the framework of this article, we will give answers to them.

Features of the culture of doing business abroad and in Russia

In European countries, small business is a direct source of economic growth. The opening of a business in this segment is facilitated by preferential tax legislation, economic stability, and a high legal culture.

An aspiring American entrepreneur is also in unique conditions, receiving all-round government support, the main feature of which is a wide range of consultations and free information services.

The situation is somewhat different in Russia. Here the lack of public services will have to be compensated for by our own activity. Another problem of Russian small business is the lack of a legal framework.

For information: the share of small business in the GDP of the EU countries is 70%, the USA - 40%, Russia - 23.6%.

Profitable areas of business in Russia (small business segment)

New American Small Business Ideas

Despite the fact that the most popular business in America is car service, restaurant services, medical and legal services, house renovation and renovation, Internet sales, Americans are constantly looking for new and extraordinary solutions for a successful start of business. You can easily verify this by opening any authentic American website of business ideas. Among the latest interesting innovations:

  • Remote viewing of matches with the effect of being present in the virtual stadium. At the Stanford Graduate School of Business competition, the startup won $ 50,000.

At the moment, LiveLike VR is only suitable for Samsung Gear VR, but soon it will be possible to enjoy watching the match with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard VR. Moreover, you can view the game from any angle, for example, from the side of the gate.

  • A simple but very successful idea from America - packaging for rent. It is enough to submit an application and indicate the required quantity. After the move, the customer can rest in peace, the landlord company itself collects and picks up all the vacated boxes.
  • Automatic key duplicating machine with a choice of design.
  • Selling men's jeans in a store without shelves. The buyer needs to choose one of the presented models, use the mobile application from the Hointer store to specify the size and scan the QR code. Almost instantly, the smartphone will receive information about which fitting room the selected item is in.

Unusual American business ideas that are not yet in Russia

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