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Before starting his own business, every entrepreneur asks the question of what kind of business is in demand now. It is especially important to identify what services or goods will be in consumer demand during the economic crisis, and many mistakenly believe that in such a situation it is pointless to start a business. In fact, this is far from the case, there are many ideas that will help organize a profitable business, regardless of the economic situation in the country.

How to determine which case will be claimed?

It is generally impossible to answer unequivocally what kind of business is in demand now. It depends on many factors, primarily on the region and locality. For example, in large and economically developed cities, the population needs agricultural natural and environmentally friendly products, such as milk, meat, vegetables. In rural areas, all of the listed goods in stores will not be in demand, because most residents have their own household.

In addition, when we talk about the economic crisis, demand for expensive goods and services is falling. But this does not mean that the population will stop buying food, clothes, visiting hairdressers, no, goods of a lower price category will simply be in demand. That is, it is profitable to open economy-class stores, and the entrepreneur's benefit, accordingly, will be due to the greater turnover.

So, in order to determine a profitable direction for business in your region, you need to analyze the market. You also need to assess the competitiveness and purchasing power. In short, conduct marketing research.

Below are some far from new, but still relevant ideas for business. It should be noted that this activity will be in demand both during the economic crisis and after it.


At all times, trade was considered a profitable enterprise. Today the situation on the market has changed due to the large and rapidly growing competition, but this does not mean that it is impossible to organize a promising business in the field of trade.

Today, goods of a low price category are in greatest demand, because most of the population chooses essential goods at a cost that is more profitable for themselves. It's not just food, it also includes medicines, clothing, personal care products, and more - things that people buy every day.

If you are planning a profitable business in the field of trade, you need to focus on customer demand. That is, for example, it is impractical to open a supermarket in a residential area of ​​a small provincial town, large financial costs will not pay off soon. It is also important to adequately assess your competitiveness: even in a densely populated area, where there are many grocery stores of various formats, you should not open another one, because there is a high probability that it will not be in demand.

So, before you start trading, you should study and analyze the market situation. Perhaps, in one particular area, buyers do not have enough stores with low pricing policy, and it makes some sense to open a retail outlet that will profit from a large turnover.


Undoubtedly, those who are wondering what kind of business is in demand now, and at the same time has sufficiently large material capabilities, can consider production as a profitable business. Here, as elsewhere, it is important to focus on customer needs and competitiveness.

New phenomena in the economic situation, those that a few years ago frightened entrepreneurs with the loud word "crisis" are now nothing more than a familiar state of affairs. Business has adapted to the crisis and made such an element an integral part of all-round development.

The entrepreneurial market a priori notes future instability, resource constraints and large fluctuations in demand for manufactured goods and services. Credit institutions have become an order of magnitude more careful with the issuance of credit obligations, and investors have lost their serene confidence and stopped investing their money in any more or less interesting project.

Doing Business in Crisis

A break-even enterprise is a profitable business in a crisis. Minimizing liquidity losses will allow you to survive an unfavorable period without major problems and stay afloat, without approaching the zone of discomfort - the zone of bankruptcy.

There are many ways to keep your business profitable. Large consulting companies offer various anti-crisis policy services, but most of them do not work and are a waste of funds.

To keep your business buoyant, you shouldn't be nervous; it's better to carefully develop an enterprise policy to minimize outside costs. To do this, follow four simple rules:

Keeping the business "squeezed"

In essence, the risks of new projects are practically identical to the same risks to which enterprises on the market are exposed. The most significant risk is the lack of the required level of liquidity. The decline in demand is not so dangerous in comparison with the lack of funds for the minimum development of the enterprise. A drop in customer purchasing power will be the most dangerous for those businesses that cannot shrink in direct proportion to the changes. To avoid unnecessary risks, the retail business should refrain from long-term commitments and unreasonable expenses. Statistics show that for small businesses, about 80% of the cost structure is prescribed for the lease and remuneration of personnel. Retail business is characterized by high staff turnover (up to 60% of staff). For a more thorough "squeezing" of the enterprise, it is planned to suspend the hiring of new personnel and stop the indexation of wages. In any case, optimal "compression" will only happen with an agile business model.

Maintaining liquidity

Lack of sufficient liquidity as a result can turn into big troubles. A striking example is the real estate business (development). During the 2021 crisis, most of these projects died out due to the lack of funds to complete the work.

Profitable business during a crisis is due to the manager's ability to support the company's policy in a position of at least minimal development. Otherwise, the liquidity ratio will tend to decrease.

Search and development of new economic niches

To determine which business is relevant in 2021, it is important, first of all, to focus on the region, settlement in which you want to work. At the same time, not in all cases it will be necessary to carry out a complex in-depth analysis - to assess the most demanded areas, in which stable demand is maintained, sometimes it is enough to look around. However, one should not forget that this or that industry at different times may be more or less in demand. Relevance depends on many factors, which include:

  • The economic situation in the country and the standard of living of the population.
  • The level of competition in the city, region.
  • The type of settlement (big or small city, whether tourism is thriving there, population size, mentality, middle age) - it is easy to guess that what is in great demand in Moscow will be irrelevant in the village and vice versa.
  • The number of potential buyers, clients - exact numbers cannot be achieved, but approximate information will be extremely useful and will serve as a decisive factor.

When thinking about what kind of business to start, it is important to be confident in your strengths, capabilities and entrepreneurial flair. In addition, it is imperative to pay attention to how developed the chosen field is, including achievements abroad. In practice, there are many business ideas that are very successful abroad, but failed in Russia.

Profitable directions

When choosing what kind of business to do in 2021, it is necessary to take into account the fact that there are niches that remain relevant at any time, regardless of external circumstances. Others are distinguished by rapid development at a certain time, disappearing completely or transforming into something new, depending on the factors that were listed above. This is nothing new, it is a pattern. People are changing, their interests and needs are changing, and technology is developing rapidly. For this reason, when planning the most profitable business, it is important to understand that it may not remain so throughout its existence.

Primarily profitable business

Entrepreneurs, medium and large companies pay good money for high-quality, creative advertising. Here services can be provided for creating slogans and layouts, printing leaflets, business cards, advertising on tickets, making posters, banners and so on, depending on your capabilities.

Production and sale of organic food

Today, a quality product on store shelves is a shortage. Having made the right emphasis in promotion, the demand for products will be great, and profitability will quickly recoup the costs.

Retail household and everyday sales

This includes clothing, food products, hygiene items, but always evaluate the level of competition and further development concept.

Today, a considerable percentage of adult citizens are engaged in their own education. Among the topical areas are tutoring, professional development, language learning.

Creating photos and conducting photo sessions are interesting ideas for business with minimal investment, allowing you to get a guaranteed income in a short time. However, for this you need to have special equipment, be able to retouch, and also understand what the client wants in this or that case. If customers like the photos, they will recommend the photographer to their friends, which will significantly save on advertising.

This small investment business idea requires:

  • go through registration as an individual entrepreneur;
  • purchase professional equipment;
  • create a portfolio.

Website development and promotion

It is believed that some of the most profitable projects are business ideas with minimal investment, based on website promotion and promotion. Sites that go to the TOP of search engines bring their owners a permanent income.

However, "promotion" of a site or store is a troublesome business, so most people prefer to contact professionals. Small business ideas with minimal investment in a small town are often limited, so going online can be a smart decision.

Creating green products as a profitable business

Eco-friendly products are very popular nowadays, so the best business ideas with minimal investment are often based on selling eco-friendly products.

An increasing number of people are becoming supporters of healthy eating. This business idea is well suited if you live in the suburbs and have your own farm. You can sell both meat and milk, and vegetables, mushrooms, fruits. Considering that food products are included in the essential group, this is a fast-payback business with minimal investment. It can cost about $ 1,000 to manufacture and sell organic products.

Opening a fitness club or working as a personal trainer

Most popular business - factors that determine the demand for business + 9 ideas.

Let's be honest - almost any person does not want to work "for an uncle" all his life, and then one fine moment comes the understanding that it is time to start his own business.

But even in periods of economic prosperity, no one wants to engage in the discovery of a deliberately failed idea.

What then can we say about times of crisis, when the slightest mistake can lead to losses.

Therefore, any entrepreneurial activity should begin with the search and selection of an idea.

And if you are reading this article, you probably want to know what the most popular business is.

Let's try to answer your question.

How is business demand determined?

It is impossible to say which business is in demand and which is not.

Remember this expression: “There is a buyer for every product”?

So this phrase clearly demonstrates the fact that all people are different, and what one needs will be absolutely useless for another.

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