New directions in business 2021

In times of crisis, the payback of a small business decreases, so it is especially important to evaluate its benefits for those who are just thinking about starting a business in 2021. A startup based on new technologies is promising, but not everyone has enough knowledge, experience and financial resources to promote in this area. Therefore, all the promising small business ideas proposed below are conventionally combined into 3 blocks:

  • for techies
  • for humanities
  • for entrepreneurial people.

For entrepreneurs with technical education

The number of smartphone users in Russia has crossed the 60% mark. Every third family has a computer (not to mention institutions and offices), household appliances of one level or another - in every house. The number of Internet users is approaching a million. For those who understand programming, digital devices, the principles of technology, startup ideas lie on the surface.

Software Applications

A profitable business is built on adapting software for smartphones, debugging and configuring mobile gadgets, trading related accessories (covers, headphones, protective films), and creating mobile applications.

Experts assess the following areas as promising:

  • creating a mobile payment service
  • developing highly specialized applications (weather, calling a taxi, training courses, notebooks, games)
  • creating mobile applications for the specific needs of a given social group (schoolchildren, employees of one organization, expectant mothers, visually impaired people, etc.)

Important! The market is developing rapidly, but for a successful startup, it is desirable to be an expert in the chosen field, or at least learn quickly.

Outsourcing Services

The difficult economic situation is forcing businesses to cut costs and switch to outsourcing - to attract remote employees. According to business publications, the number of such workers in Russia is 17-22%, and their number is growing regularly. This promising small business niche continues to expand. Website creation and promotion, marketing strategy development, consultations, accounting and legal services are convenient objects for remote work. To start an outsourcing business, no costs are required - only knowledge and experience.

Promising business idea | TOP signs of a good business idea

A good and promising business idea: what, how and why?

In the series of articles "Business Tips" we have already talked about which profitable business to choose and where to start. Today we will talk about the main features of a promising business idea. What thoughts come to mind when we talk about starting our own business? As a rule, the first thing we think about is a business idea. We want to find a promising, good, relevant idea, to start working in a slightly competitive, but at the same time profitable area. The problem is that a person who wants to start his own business thinks through dozens of ideas every day, and each of them seems successful, interesting and promising. But, as the realities of modern business show, no more than 5% of all startups are successful. Why is that? How to get into this category of lucky ones, how to choose a good and promising business idea? Today we will try to answer these not simple, but at the same time very important questions. In this article, you will find 10 signs of promising business ideas. We assure you that all these signs were written based on our own experience, experience and knowledge of our business partners and good friends who have an operating, profitable business.

Good and promising business idea: how to recognize and recognize?

1. Deep faith and involvement in what you are about to do. first of all, the prospects of a business idea depend on your actions, willingness to work, goals and objectives that you set for yourself. If your main goal is to make money, then most likely you will never get it. Of course, finance is a great incentive to work and develop your own business, but you need to perceive money only as a means, as a way to achieve higher and more ambitious goals.

Business is a risk, and there are often black bars when you are not just not making money, but even working in a deep minus. But belief in yourself, in what you are doing - these are the factors that determine the prospects of your chosen idea. Steve Jobs said: “Imagine that today is the last day of your life. What would you like to do? If, among other things, the list includes going to work, then you are on the right track. Your business will be successful. " You should not just love what you do, but be a real fanatic, schizo, ready to follow your goals, principles and ideals to the last breath.

2. The idea is simple - the idea is promising Do not immediately strive to create something majestic, huge, known to the whole world. It doesn't work that way. If you do not believe me, and are still thinking about how to do something that can turn the whole world, then you risk remaining at the stage of thinking. Look at the largest companies in the world - Vkontakte, Google, Facebook, Apple, and remember where they started. Social networks Vkontakte and Facebook initially did not plan to be the largest in the world, but only wanted to unite students of the best universities in the country, and how did it end? And Google, you know that they started out simply by organizing books in the library, wrote various algorithms, which later became the basis for the search engine. About Apple, I'm sure everyone knows. Steve Jobs, together with Voznik, started in the garage, it was there that they assembled their first computers and did not even dream that the company would become a world leader.

5. A small number of steps to the first profit When and how you will get your first profit from a project is hard to say for sure, but no one bothers to plan everything. And if already at the planning stage it is clear that for the first profit you need to go through many stages, then this business idea will be difficult to implement. Why? So everything is simple here. The more stages, the more additional resources, means, and assistance will need to be used to successfully complete them. To be honest, a promising business idea has a fairly short path to profit. Yes, this path can be traversed not in one month, and not even in a year, but at least stages, which allows you to more seriously concentrate on each specific task.

6. Do what you like and what suits you. Only the business idea that the end consumer needs can be promising. Therefore, you must study the demand, needs, desires of potential customers, understand what they need and what they want at a given time. But there is one more secret, think about what you need and what is not in your region. You can study demand for months, but the most ingenious idea will be born from your needs. So in 1977, the average American Roy Raymond decided to buy a present for his wife. And the choice fell on beautiful underwear. But bad luck, Roy just got lost in the store, because he didn't know what to choose, and there was a lot of embarrassment. The consultants also could not understand what he wanted, because they were used to working with a female audience. So Roy realized that he was not the only one faced with a similar problem, and it was necessary to somehow solve it. It was in 1977 that the world famous brand of women's underwear Victoria's Secret was founded.

7. You must know and understand what you are planning to do. As we have already said, the prospects of a business idea depend, first of all, on your knowledge and skills. You should not just superficially understand what you will be doing, but be a real expert, be able to research the market, the demand of buyers, and clearly calculate all possible risks and prospects. Yes, this is not easy to do, but every year the conditions for starting a business are becoming tougher and tougher, and only true professionals have a great chance of achieving success in the end. But I do not want to dissuade you from doing what you do not understand. Of course, there are cases when laymen have created huge companies, but they are rare, and you should not hope that you will be so lucky too.

9. The secret is the ingredient, or the original chip. think about it, how does your business idea differ from many others? Are you doing something unique that your competitors don't have? If yes, then the prospect of such a business idea increases significantly. Why? Everything is simple. In order to lure customers to yourself, you need to surprise them, offer what others cannot offer, do everything better and better. If you are no different from others, you will provide similar services, goods, and even at the same level, then think for yourself why people should go to the new and unknown in order to get the same thing that they have in another, more trustworthy place ...


Promising areas for small business in Russia

A person is going to do business, from what point of view should he choose a promising direction for small business, what approaches to try, classic or new? We will answer these questions in our material, and we will also compile a list of current areas of activity.

Let's start with the fact that it is difficult to invest now, especially the “last” funds in a startup, unless of course you have a patent or some know-how is not used. In modern conditions, it is easier to buy a franchise. We choose a promising and new direction, look at the market, buy a franchise. By the way, even banks and various funds for entrepreneurs are more willing to provide funds if a business starts to build on a franchise, according to an already working model.

The business is getting bigger, it is difficult for it to understand the needs of private narrow demand, so you can use a selection of keywords to develop the direction and you will understand what is more profitable to trade for a small group of people now.

Look for directions abroad, at various exhibitions. Very informative exhibitions are held in China, USA.

So, modern lines of business. Let's start with the main thing that worries each of us, with taking care of our own health.

Medical business

We suggest stopping your attention on such a promising business as medical gadgets. The market for medical wearable electronics is growing by leaps and bounds. Everyone wants to know everything about their blood pressure, about blood sugar levels, pulse under various loads, and more. Following a healthy lifestyle leads to an increase in the market for the sale of these gadgets.

Business in Education

More and more promising business ideas for small businesses are areas related to children's education. Creation of circles with robotics, teaching children various professions (for example, the profession of a cook), teaching foreign languages, working on a computer, etc. Parents are actively investing in children, looking for niches for classes, since in the end all this undoubtedly increases the mental abilities and development of the child.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Business

This niche in Russia is still free, but in the world market it is a promising business sector. But meanwhile, the replacement of simple labor, especially in the banking sector, has already begun. Further, most likely there will be a reduction in officials. Investing in startups related to artificial intelligence or robotics is undoubtedly a profitable investment.

According to experts, this year will be a real test for small and medium-sized businesses. But if you minimize all risks, you can get through these difficult times with dignity. The promising small business areas in 2021, which we will discuss in this article, will help you stay afloat and still receive a stable income.


Promising areas of business development in Russia means ideas that are aimed at the region where they will be implemented. This is especially true for the production area:

  • Food products;
  • Essential goods;
  • Medicines;
  • Building materials.

These are the most promising areas of business in a crisis, for the development of which you can get a grant.

Natural products

Natural products are goods with a short shelf life. They do not contain preservatives or any other chemical additives, so such products quickly deteriorate. If you want to implement this small business idea with minimal investment in a small town, you need to take care of sales markets. Organic vegetables should be delivered to stores directly from the garden, and meat should be delivered to consumers 2-3 hours after slaughter. If you can't find wholesale buyers, try selling products online in a store with home delivery on pre-order.


In the life of people who are engaged in sewing, knitting, pottery and other handicrafts, sooner or later there comes a time when all family members are sheathed and tied, the house is filled with furniture, and the kitchen cabinets are packed with original dishes ... If the desire to create continues, it means that it's time to turn your hobby into a source of income.

Handmade is a fairly promising area of ​​small business. People who decide to devote themselves to art can carry out private orders, create educational projects, or produce goods and sell them in an online store.

Almost all masters strive to strengthen their own significance, including financially, therefore they pass on their experience to their students. One group master class for one participant costs several thousand rubles. It should be noted that the most promising area of ​​small business is online master classes. To increase profitability, you can sell creative materials in parallel. By the way, at this stage of development, you can try to get help for small businesses from the state. If you manage to convince the officials that the business is really worthwhile, they can give you a certain amount for the development of the enterprise.


Promising business: choosing the right niche is the key to success!

Before starting their own business, most businessmen ask the same questions: “What business to start?”, “How to choose a vital business?”, “What niche will be the most promising?”, “What will bring quick return and will work in the future ”and dozens of other questions related to the search for a promising type of activity.

Publication in the topic: "Promising business areas - where to start your own breakthrough?"

And rightly so, finding a promising business is already a big step towards overall success. Always look to the future, try to calculate 5-7 years ahead. Will your business be vital after these years? Of course, all the risks cannot be seen, but at least an approximate consciousness can be formed. This was the case inside the 2021s, when the Internet was developing very quickly. People invested a million in modems, but they existed for a few years, they were supplanted by high-speed Internet, and nowadays mobile is developing everywhere. In order to help you choose a vital and promising business, to form with what will be able to provide you for the next ten years, we have written this note. We want to say right away that there are no Nostradamus among us, and the opinion is mostly personal, which is based on the analysis of the market, the directions of the formation of specific areas of activity, and the whole world in general.

It is necessary to state that these are our observations, which have been conducted for several years. Now all knowledge has been structured and a small, but quite interesting article has been published.

Promising business: selection of an area of ​​vital activity

We all understand that business can be promising in various areas and directions. The main thing here is to form what you like, where you feel better and more comfortable, that you will definitely be able to start without additional training and effort. Most of the businessmen with whom we had to talk, do not recommend that beginners invent a wheel, climb into an unknown niche, try to add a revolution of consciousness and vision of the world. Of course, there are sure to be weirdos who do something new and they succeed, but there are such eccentrics as 0. 1%, and the other 99.% are upset and do not get the proper return.

At the moment there are relatively good and promising areas in which the probability of success is significantly higher. Starting a business in this niche, you will be able to easily get on your feet (with proper work and diligence), and still provide profit in the future. Such areas include a large number of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Advertising and all its manifestations. We live in the era of total internetization and new technologies. Therefore, it would be logical to consider that the most promising type of advertising is Internet advertising. Only those companies will be successful that can approach advertising with creativity, make magnificent masterpieces, and are able to attract a million of network customers. Check out the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. Sometimes there are simply amazing masterpieces. You look and wonder, you want to learn from similar professionals.

2. Consulting and info-business. Quite often, successful entrepreneurs move into the info-business niche, share the secret of achieving success, and help newcomers take their first steps in the difficult world of economics and finance. But even beginners can easily comprehend info-business or consulting. If you have some knowledge, are an expert in some popular field, then you can share your own knowledge with others. Every day there is only more information, but this does not mean that the quality is also growing. Among the million gigabytes of garbage on the World Wide Web, it is especially difficult to find useful and useful. Many are willing to pay to acquire good and functional knowledge. Over the course of a certain time, this niche will only be formed. This is a very promising business.

3. Sphere of IT technologies and computer development. We all see perfectly well that the Internet floods our lives. I will not say that this is bad. After all, if there was no Internet, you would not have what you have today, you would not read this article and would not receive such knowledge for free. With each of my offline businesses more and more focused on online customers, which means that after a couple of years online there will be more sales, purchases and different transactions than in reality. It is more convenient, faster, more functional. The interest in IT technologies will not diminish, but will only grow over time. Right now, good professionals in this field can easily earn tens of thousands of dollars within a month, and leading masters make hundreds of thousands. At the moment we are looking for partners in this direction. Moreover, the conditions that we recommend are unique in the market! Why unique? It's pretty easy! No material investment is required from YOU! More details can be found here!

Publication on the topic: "How to find a good idea for a business?"

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