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It is very strange that our portal for a long time bypassed such an urgent and popular idea of ​​earning money as a business with China. Today, probably, almost all active Internet users know about Chinese products, which can be purchased in China at a very tempting price. Moreover, the days when this country was famous for its low-quality products with a huge number of defects, the use of cheap technologies and dubious types of raw materials are long gone. Today, Chinese goods have reached a new level of quality. Among them you can find very high quality, beautiful and inexpensive products that will last for many years. You just need to know where to buy.

In addition to producing its own goods, China is famous for the fact that it is in this country that the production facilities of many foreign companies are located. There are many well-known brands among them. For example, everyone's favorite Apple. Yes, the iPhone and iPad are assembled in Chinese factories, although all developments are carried out in the States. Naturally, the Yabloko people are not the only ones who have moved production to China. There are hundreds and even thousands of such examples. The reason is simple - it significantly reduces the cost of production. This means that the company is able to offer consumers more attractive prices.

How to make money trading with China?

Many residents of our country make independent purchases of consignments of goods from China for their own needs, as well as for their friends or relatives. But, in general, most of those who want to buy Chinese goods do not know how to buy from Chinese online stores or online auctions. Therefore, they have two paths. The first is to give up the idea and continue to buy those goods that are available in our Russian online stores. In this case, you have to give up many types of products, as well as overpay for similar goods. The second way is to resort to the help of third parties. That is, those people who lead. And they bring Chinese goods to Russian customers. This is what will be discussed in our today's article.

Business with China is becoming incredibly relevant. China produces more components and finished goods than any other country in the world. At the same time, prices remain very low. This opens up simply tremendous opportunities for organizing your own business.

The easiest way to organize your business is dropshipping. For those who do not know what it is and what it is eaten with, we will explain. Dropshipping or dropshipping is a fairly new activity. It began to be actively used along with the emergence of online stores. It works according to the following scheme.

You open your own online store, having previously concluded a cooperation agreement with a major Chinese manufacturer or online store. However, you do not purchase products in advance. Once your customer has placed an order at your store, you place an order at your Chinese partner's store.

That is, first you receive payment, and only after that you order the goods in China. This way you have nothing to lose. And you guarantee payment for your work. After you have transferred the payment to your Chinese colleague, he sends the goods to your client's mailing address. And everyone is happy.

In simple terms, you act as a regular intermediary (dropshipper). Here is a simple scheme that has been successfully working in our market for many years.

And more. It should be borne in mind that when buying small consignments of inexpensive goods with a total value of no more than a thousand euros, there is no need for registration and payment of customs duties. Otherwise, you will have to deal with customs clearance, paperwork, fees and other complexities. Doing all this on your own, there is no point. It will take too much time and money (in the absence of the necessary experience). It is better to entrust the delivery of large consignments or expensive goods to trusted transport companies. For a certain fee, they will undertake all the obligations for registration and payment of all taxes, fees, etc.

Below we will tell you about several options for trading various Chinese goods, which can become the most promising and profitable. Let's start.

Trade in clothing and footwear from China

Probably one of the most popular business widows using Chinese goods. Many potential clients are looking for a variety of clothes or shoes in China. High quality, stylish and inexpensive. And what's interesting is that you can actually find such products.

With the rapid pace of economic development, China has become one of the largest arenas with which you can connect your business.

Many commercial projects in the PRC do not differ in their special uniqueness, however, they are distinguished by their noticeable economy and wide variability.

We present a selection of the best business ideas with China, which in the future can bring very good dividends.


In the 21st century, information is one of the most valuable resources. Moreover, the forms of its presentation can be completely different and diametrically opposite: video lessons, oral consultations, coaching, books, etc. In this regard, based on deep knowledge in any area, you can give them economic expression. The information here will act as a commodity that can be very valuable to many people.

Before launching an info-business project with China, you will have to carefully study the scope of market circulation.

It will be necessary to work out a large number of already existing cases, examples and successful strategies to promote this business sector.

After that, you will be able to form a unique selling proposition, which will most likely pay off to the audience.

An effective scheme for such a business idea with China is the following development of events:

  • An aspiring entrepreneur conducts a market research of Chinese products. He checks various categories of goods for demand, supply, their maximum price.
  • By purchasing information about a product, a businessman can begin to form a commercial offer for him. It should describe the characteristics of the product, its value, forms of marketing and possible dividends.
  • Next, the organizer of the business gives his commercial proposal the form of a product and offers it to potential buyers.
  • The entrepreneur begins to constantly increase the audience of his customers and promote his information business to the masses.

Create a landing page or social media group where you can notify people that you can help them create a ready-made resale business with China. Provide examples of return on investment for specific products and demonstrate that they are truly popular with the public. The most popular products that are involved in the sales information business are:

  • Copies of various global brands. Many people are not ready to constantly buy original products, as their prices are often very high. Educate your audience about worthy Chinese replicas to build a business on;
  • Electronic devices. Chinese manufacturers are quickly reacting to all kinds of innovations like smart watches, action cameras and more. Usually, buyers prefer these analogs in order to try them in action and find out how they work.
  • Unusual accessories and classic gifts. While the manufacturer has not yet started selling any product, Chinese innovators are already releasing additional covers, straps and films for it. Sell ​​information about which accessories will become popular in the near future and develop your business project in this way.

Trading in Chinese goods has long been a proven way to make money. Business ideas of cooperation with China for beginners will help entrepreneurs without experience to take the first steps towards starting their own business.

Resale of cheap goods

The profit from the sale of such products will be quite tangible if you correctly set up the sales process

Various small items, which are inexpensive in Russia, can be purchased in China for almost nothing. Such goods, due to their small size, do not take up much space, respectively, you can immediately purchase wholesale lots. This will save even more money since the wholesale price is significantly lower than the retail price.

Examples of cheap Chinese products: seeds, stickers, hairpins, cables, craft supplies, stationery, and more.

Sale of piece goods

Such a sales scheme can bring good profit

The business idea is simple and highly effective. First, you need to purchase packaging of products that are sold in batches. These can be goods in boxes, boxes, bags, etc. Then this batch should be divided into separate sets, packs. Product can be sold per piece

A corresponding mark-up is made for each position. As a result, the profit from the sale of one package increases many times over.

An important nuance - you should not buy recognizable brands that no one will buy at retail at an inflated price. If people are well aware that products are sold in packages at a favorable price, they will not overpay for a piece of goods.


Hello dear readers! The Anatomy of Business simply had to pay attention to such a popular question today - what business ideas exist from China? This magnificent country has long been ahead of the G7 giants and most of the world's leading countries in terms of its economic development. Today, the Chinese are real magicians. They are capable of producing goods for any consumer.

It's no secret that almost all global brands are now produced in China, because that's where it is cheapest to do it. Therefore, "made in China" is not always a bad quality. The same car brand can be produced in China for different markets. Only for the cheaper segment its price will be $ 10 thousand. ., and for an expensive one - 30 thousand. ... Accordingly, the quality and characteristics will be different. There are no restrictions for the Chinese, they will do everything. The only question is - how much are you willing to pay.

But even good quality Chinese goods are much cheaper than domestic counterparts. Amazingly, sometimes the markup can be up to 500%! And the products from the Celestial Empire are presented as national. Not surprisingly, these price gaps are very attractive to businessmen. That is why when someone talks about business ideas from China, they primarily mean trade: buy there at a cheaper price in order to sell it at a higher price. But what kind of goods can be sold and how to set up the mechanism? Let's try to figure it out together.

Business ideas from China for everyone who has no initial investment!

There is an idea that does not involve any investment - this is dropshipping. Have you heard of this? The literal translation from English sounds like "direct delivery". This method consists in the fact that you act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. You order the necessary goods on behalf of the first one: register on the site, communicate with the seller if necessary, track the delivery later, that is, take on all the organizational issues. And the buyer can only wait for his order, which comes to him at his own address.

The advantages of this method are many: you do not need to hire employees, look for a room as a warehouse, for effective work you only need the Internet, and of course you do not need to invest your own money - all calculations are made at the expense of the customer on a prepayment basis.

The main disadvantage of this method is that delivery is carried out at least three weeks. There are also risks of lost parcels or delays at customs. Not all buyers are willing to wait that long. But practice shows that most people manage to build a good profitable business on this. Income in this case is the margin on the cost of the acquisition. What this markup will be - 10% or 100% - you decide.

What is better to use the Internet resource in this case, we have already told in our article

Well, if you do not want to lose customers, then with the same success you can purchase goods for your own money, and then later engage in implementation through social networks, trading platforms and your own website.

Here you need to remember - if the order amount is less than 1000 euros, then you do not need to pay for customs clearance services. Accordingly, exceeding this threshold, it will be necessary to include customs clearance in the cost price.

What are the best Chinese products to sell?

At the same time, production capabilities allow us to produce almost any item, from souvenirs to large household appliances. And if you have a desire that is successfully combined with an opportunity, we recommend that you consider several successful options.

This is probably the very first idea that comes to everyone's mind. We love to visit cafes specializing in foreign cuisine. For many, Japanese cuisine, such as sushi and rolls, is an indispensable attribute of luxury life. Based on this, it can be assumed that in the PRC, associated with Russian cuisine, will bring a stable income.

How things really are

In fact, the situation looks different. Unfortunately, our food is "heavy" for the stomachs of the Chinese, so they prefer to eat national dishes.

However, immigrants from Russia and foreigners are not averse to visiting establishments with Russian cuisine, so with the right choice of location, you can achieve a certain stability in income.

Groupage cargo delivery

This is a more promising direction, which, with the growing popularity of goods from China, can grow into a serious business. The point is to organize the delivery of goods, but not a simple one, but a team.

Who needs this delivery?

Sending an incompletely loaded container is unprofitable, and waiting for re-equipment is unnerving for customers. You collect goods that have not been shipped from several companies, collecting a full container.

Opening a cold store

In China, as strange as it may sound, there are not enough refrigerated warehouses. This should be taken into account, since when you open the appropriate premises with the necessary equipment, you can receive very large orders.

For this business in China, of course, you need to spend money. And not only for opening a company, renting premises for a warehouse, but also for the refrigeration equipment itself. But do not forget that such equipment is cheaper in the Celestial Empire. You know where to order, right?

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