How to open your own business in Kazakhstan: ideas and their implementation

In Kazakhstan, the interest of people in the opportunities of small business is growing every year. Both young people and those who have already worked for others part of their lives dream of working for themselves, and not for someone else's "uncle". After all, we all understand that by working for ourselves, we open up many opportunities and prospects. And it's so nice to know that everything depends only on your abilities.

The dream of their own business for many remains only a dream, not only because most people are afraid to take the first step in a new direction, but also because people often lack a good idea. At least a third of the success of your enterprise depends on the originality and relevance of your business idea.

The rules of a successful business

Be sure to read all the information about registration, tax registration, etc., so that one day you do not have to pay a fine.

  • Actual idea. Even the most original and interesting idea should be in demand in your city or country (depending on the scale of the business).
  • Entrepreneurial ability.
  • A well thought-out system for organizing your new business.

If you decide to look for a good idea on the Internet, you must understand that not all options are suitable for business in Kazakhstan. If you come up with your own innovative idea, then this is just great. But keep in mind that in this version it is difficult to find out about the pitfalls in advance.

If you don't have any experience in running a business, big or small, get ready to kick things up. It is better to start your activities in the field of an independent business with a small project that does not require large investments and has the potential for further expansion.

This is necessary in order to assess all the opportunities and risks facing you, it is worth starting planning with writing a business plan. Any ideas should be clearly stated on paper and analyzed from different angles. This is especially important for those who plan to attract investment from outside.

In your business plan, you describe the relevance of your idea, risks, competition, legal and financial aspects. And also think over the options for solving possible difficulties. Describe in detail the advantages of your enterprise over similar ones, if any. This approach will allow you to more confidently start any business.

Examples of relevant business ideas

Provision of computer services

The master's case is afraid: ideas for business in the service sector

Own business is a tempting undertaking, which is increasingly being thought of by an increasing number of citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The key to success is choosing the right direction to fulfill your potential. We offer the most interesting business ideas - services that are in stable demand.

Here are the most promising small business ideas in Kazakhstan:

Delivery from shops and cafes

Delicious food is what people always need.

Sometimes it takes too long and difficult to get to your favorite place, and it's simply too lazy to go to the store. But what if the hypermarket or cafe has no delivery?

Surely you yourself have encountered this problem. But she has a simple and very profitable solution - organize a courier on your own!

To do this, you must first of all outline the territorial range of your services - from which establishments you can make delivery. At the same time, calculate how long it will take to get from home to the point of order and from it to the client.

After a more detailed consideration of the idea, take care of creating your own website or at least a group in social networks. There you will indicate a list of goods and dishes, establishments from which you are delivering, as well as the conditions and cost of the service.

Remember, an idea is not enough to make a small business successful. Its execution is important.

Be punctual and attentive to details, do not skimp on advertising and a good content manager who will bring your site to the first page of internet search results.


Among the features of doing business, the following aspects can be highlighted:

  • The legislation of the country allows only two forms of organizing entrepreneurship:
    • Individual (IE);
    • Legal entity (including branches);
  • There are differences in the procedure for registering a business (citizens who have citizenship of Kazakhstan carry out registration in a simplified manner than foreigners);
  • Development of non-standard small business ideas in Kazakhstan, which do not exist in other countries, can be implemented faster (based on time);
  • Kazakh society is somewhat conservative;
  • The population of the country is small, this provokes a kind of help to small business in Kazakhstan (advertising can be distributed through word of mouth);
  • Demand from the population is caused by business ideas that mediate the traditions and customs of Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan offers the following prospects for potential entrepreneurs:

  • Lending to small businesses in Kazakhstan is actively supported by the state (when it comes to promising projects);
  • Russian entrepreneurs can count on preferential terms for doing business;
  • The state in every possible way ensures the rise of any type of entrepreneurship (especially large businessmen);
  • Low competition;
  • Kazakhstan is a vast business platform, due to the underdevelopment of alternative types of entrepreneurship; <
  • Tax breaks (for some forms there is a possibility of exemption from the tax burden after a 3-year period of work);
  • Savings on production costs, in the form:
  • low labor costs;
  • reduced electricity tariffs;

Procedure for the implementation of small business in Kazakhstan

To understand where to start a small business in Kazakhstan, you should familiarize yourself with a clear algorithm for implementing the idea. It is represented by the following aspects:

  • Obtaining a residence permit (failure to comply with the requirement will lead to the impossibility of registering a company). The document can be drawn up according to a simplified procedure if the applicant:
    • Has close relatives among citizens of Kazakhstan (husband, wife, parents, children, brothers, sisters);
    • Had citizenship of one of the participant's country USSR or was born and lived for some time on the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • Get acquainted with the institutions existing in the country from which you can get support in the development of a business idea, among them:
    • Associations of Entrepreneurs;
    • Banks;
    • Government Organizations;
    • Ministry of Economy;
    • Damu Fund;
    • Department for the support of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Define the idea that is the basis of the business project, while observing the following nuances:
    • Select a project based on ideological novelty or focus on an area that is underdeveloped by local entrepreneurs;
    • Reflection of traditional local trends in business is the best prospect;
  • Evaluate the profitability and supply demand:
    • Get acquainted with the experience of doing a similar business abroad;
    • Find out how high the competition is in this area;
    • Interview respondents on the subject of their interest in the product, service;
    • Analyze financial costs;
    • Get acquainted with legal requirements;
  • Make a business plan and calculate the entire amount of costs (from registering an enterprise to potential, indirect costs of equipment depreciation);
  • Getting start-up capital;
  • Determine in what form the business idea will be registered, code entrepreneurship, the name of the organization, its legal address;
  • The choice of taxation regime (the types in question are suitable for a small enterprise):
    • One-time coupon (relevant for seasonal business - no more than 90 days a year);
    • Declaration in a simplified form (the tax amount is not more than 3% of income, the number of employees and income business);
    • Patent (2% tax, it is allowed to apply if there are no employees, there are restrictions on the amount of income);
    • Tax for peasant farms (the amount of tax is determined individually); <
  • Collection of the required package of documents (in 3 copies, each in Russian and Kazakh):
    • Application for registration;
    • Applicant's passport;
    • Photos;
    • RNN (copy);
    • Charter (the need to provide arises depending on the registration form)
    • Memorandum of Association;
    • Real Estate Title Deeds or Citizen Registration Book;
    • Agreement lease, at which the legal address of the company will be determined;
    • Receipt of payment of the registration fee;
  • State registration of the company;
  • Purchase goods, advertising, arrangement of office space.

The most profitable small business in Kazakhstan is formed with the right research of such components as:

  • Amount of start-up capital;
  • Payback period;
  • Amount of additional costs;
  • Flexibility of the idea;
  • Strategies for further business expansion, increasing production potential.

Most relevant business ideas that can be developed in Kazakhstan

Visa-free countries for Kazakhstanis and ideas for business

We have collected the most interesting business ideas in Kazakhstan in 2021 in one place. What kind of activity to open? Take a look now and you will definitely find something interesting for yourself.

We offer ideas with any investment level - from zero level at home for individual entrepreneurs to large-scale projects with millions of investments and dozens of employees. For example, here you will find projects for the implementation of your photos on the Internet before the production of building materials at a mini-factory; from organizing children's leisure time to opening your own store.

The babki website. z presents dozens of solutions for you. We not only describe ideas for a business, but also write about how to start it or why it is important to write a plan. We also write about small business in Kazakhstan, and the use of franchising for the development of your own business. Not sure how to start from scratch? Read the articles on how to open an individual entrepreneur and how to open an LLP in Kazakhstan. Examples of entrepreneurs in Almaty, Astana and regions. State support, benefits, Damu program and payback periods.

Business ideas from our site will definitely help you find the best solutions for you and your family

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Business ideas in Kazakhstan: how to open a sauna

Going to the sauna is not only a way of healing and cleansing, but also a place to meet friends and hold significant events. Also on the basis of the sauna can be opened SPA and massage, which is strong.

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Business ideas in Kazakhstan: how to open a dry cleaning

How to open a dry cleaner? Over time, the pace of life grows and few people want to spend it on dreary cleaning of clothes. After all, you can get a quick and high-quality result using dry cleaning services. Moreover, it is not relevant.

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Hi, my name is Maya, just sharing my experience

What is profitable to trade? Trends, promising business ideas and business promotion ideas

Are you interested in business ideas? Business ideas for small businesses in Kazakhstan? What business ideas are promising for the present and the future? What is profitable to trade and what services to provide, what areas of business are more promising? We propose to consider promising trends in society and business ideas for a profitable business, as well as some ideas can be used to promote or expand an existing business.

Some of the proposed business ideas can be used as small business ideas, or as a business to start production, business ideas for small and large cities in Kazakhstan. Based on the considered promising trends, you can come up with your own profitable business ideas.

Making the most of the trend towards a healthy life

The general improvement in the material well-being of the population contributes to the popularization of fashion for a healthy lifestyle. People are completely absorbed in the idea, from choosing products and ending with changing the daily routine, using special body care products. People want to buy and consume healthy foods without harmful preservatives. Buy and dress clothes for yourself and your loved ones from natural fabrics.

Business ideas

Small business in Kazakhstan: where to start

- start the implementation of special devices for counting calories, recording distance traveled, consumed liquids, etc.;

- if the store is located near a fitness center, sports ground, change the work schedule, taking into account the needs of a potential audience;

- to include in the range of food products for athletes and those who follow the figure;

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