Business on the street: 5 topical ideas with little investment

The new financial year promises to be difficult for the entire economy, business in particular. It is hard to deny that in 2021 business will face a whole host of new and previously unknown challenges. Now it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop, experts and specialists talk about very bad and just bad options. If six months ago only independent economists and financiers (with the exception of the head of Sberbank) spoke about the negative trend, today they are echoed by the state. But no matter how it was, life in any case continues and current needs and desires do not disappear anywhere. From my point of view, on the contrary, it is now more than ever worth thinking about creating your own business, although external factors have significantly narrowed the directions for creating your own business.

Why is it worth thinking about creating your own business in 2021?

The answer is quite simple, there are no other options, stable, high incomes for the population have sunk into oblivion, this fact is recognized even by officials. That very drop in the dollar exchange rate has just begun to spread to the price tags in stores, and the main thing is that this is not the limit. You can talk a lot about whether you need a dollar or not, but imports make up a huge part of consumer goods, so inflation cannot be avoided. The second factor that has not yet reached the price tags is the fall in oil and gas prices. Prices for them fell, but the country's foreign exchange earnings are not yet available, and if the earnings fall, there may again be exchange rate fluctuations. Thus, the state's ability to index revenues to the level of real inflation (real consumer basket) is very small, as a conclusion, in order to ensure at least the previous standard of living, it is necessary to look for new sources of income, which can become a small business of its own.

High technologies and actual business for a year

If you think that I'll start talking about the Internet business, then you are deeply mistaken, alas, the relevance of such a business in 2021 has sharply decreased. Runet works according to the laws of the Russian economy, and if the latter is not very good, then the Russian part of the Internet space will be tight. I strongly discourage starting such projects, you should pay attention to other ideas for a startup - mobile applications.

Today there are a number of builders that allow you to develop and implement a variety of mobile applications, and you no longer need special knowledge from the developer. At one time, so simple "dummies" began to create sites (like yours truly). Actually, all you need is an interesting idea, and there are many ways to monetize development.

Actual business ideas - land and money in a year

The next promising area is small-scale farming, or rather, personal subsidiary plots. Why is it beneficial?

This is not a shortage, but an increase in profitability, prospects in this segment can be safely stated.

Yearly production

The thought of starting your own business is an important decision. However, finding the right business idea that will bring you income is hard enough. Perhaps, having studied the business ideas presented here, you can find your own and build a career in the chosen field.

Decide what attracts you the most and what you can do. This will help you understand the area of ​​your chosen occupation and understand all the intricacies of your case.

Your business area shouldn't be too big at first, as starting and running it will take some effort in and of itself. But don't be afraid of difficulties. Find out more about the prospects that this or that occupation gives you and get the missing skills and abilities in advance in order to be competent in matters of your business.

Wedding Planning

If you have a strong artistic taste and are creative, you might want to consider planning your weddings. This business will not only help you to realize your creativity, but it can also bring in considerable income. In addition, you do not need an office for this type of activity - this business can be run from home, just by providing proper working conditions.

The presence of brilliantly executed orders and a competent advertising company will provide you with a continuous flow of customers. It will not be superfluous from time to time to improve your qualifications, studying the relevant literature and following the latest in the field of weddings.


Choose your home as a workplace - then you will be able to work in a comfortable environment. This idea will help you make money with your knowledge and education. Given the high demand for accounting services, you will not be left without a job.


Any person can become a tutor if he is well versed in his business and can sensibly talk about it. By choosing this path, you can teach both at home and in the office. The first option is convenient because you are in a comfortable environment. In the second case, you can arrange not only individual, but also group lessons.

Choosing the path of a tutor, you can do without advertising: the rumor about a good teacher spreads quite quickly.

Interior Design

Just like wedding planning, an interior designer is an opportunity to use your creativity and skills as you work. If your clients are happy with the result, it will significantly improve your financial situation.

Ice cream on the street as a business

Selling on an ice cream street is an exclusively summer idea for a street on business. But during this season, you can earn a significant profit, since the product is in demand. ice cream Delicious in summer heat even more than attractively sweet sparkling water.

Purchase of inventory and equipment

This is not a mobile stand, but an ice cream cart. The benefit is that you can move it if the location is unfortunate. To place a trade object on the street, you need to obtain approval from the local administration.

You need to buy:

  • Freezer-chest trade for ice cream;
  • Special cart;
  • Umbrella;
  • Folding chair; <

Idea! Manufacturers offer such stalls with carts for ice cream. You sell their product and they provide you with the equipment.

It is also possible to purchase used freezers for trade - this is a significant Investment.

savings per outlet:

rubles: 47 thousand rubles

You need to buy several goods from suppliers or choose one with a choice of large types. This is important, otherwise the sherbet lover (fruit and berry dessert) will go to another place and will no longer visit your outlet.

Crimea is a great health resort! The unique natural and climatic conditions of the peninsula make it extremely attractive for tourists. However, Anatomy of Business today will not be limited to tourism alone. With the transition of the peninsula to the Russian Federation, there was a slight stagnation in entrepreneurship, due to the transition period and the adaptation process. Some businessmen continue to successfully do their usual business, while others are actively looking for niches among new types of activities. What business ideas exist in Crimea that can generate income? We'll look at a few of them right now!

Consulting is a win-win option among business ideas in Crimea!

Perhaps the first idea that can quickly bring income in Crimea under the current conditions is consulting and IT services. In words, everything seems simple: there was one state, now another. What problems can there be? After all, everything around has remained unchanged - the beautiful sea, the majestic mountains, the same people ... However, for business, a change in legislation is a whole series of problems. It is necessary to rebuild under new laws, which means - to learn to play by new rules. A smart and flexible entrepreneur can benefit from any situation. The most popular idea with minimal investment at the moment in Crimea is consulting. All kinds of consulting services on accounting, filing reports, registration of enterprises, their re-registration and liquidation, insurance services and other legal issues.

Enterprises continue to work, which means that there is a need for a quick restructuring of accounting in a new way. Even those enterprises that do not operate must submit at least zero reporting. In this regard, you can also become an official representative of one of the Russian reporting systems. By analogy, you can become a representative of the popular accounting automation system 1C Enterprise, which is very popular both in Ukraine and in Russia. In connection with the change in legislation, even those enterprises that previously used this software package will have to either acquire the Russian version, or "break" it through the intervention of competent programmers. Services for the maintenance of these programs, as well as cash registers, will also be in demand. Thus, this niche is open and will be in great demand for several more years while the adaptation process takes place.

Where there are problems, there are business ideas to solve them!

Regarding alternative sources of electricity, it is important to start selling solar panels, installing and maintaining them. The intensity of sunlight on the peninsula just allows you to get a good effect from their use. Within five years, the consumer can recoup the costs of purchasing and maintaining such batteries. It should be noted that this alternative is suitable for owners of private houses, cottages and summer cottages. In multi-apartment buildings, their installation is impractical.

[warning] We also recommend that you read the materials:

D souvenirs and vending are promising areas for business in Crimea!

Tourism in Crimea was, is and will be, despite the political and economic problems. Many new hotels and complexes are already being built on the peninsula. But if it is difficult enough for an ordinary person to occupy a niche in the field of buying, selling or building real estate, then in the service sector it is much easier to realize oneself and make money on it.

The world market has already mastered 3D printing technologies. For several years it has become a real trend. Souvenir 3D products can be especially popular in resort towns. And Crimea is no exception. Entrepreneurs can make good money on this during the beach season. A mid-range printing machine costs about 5 thousand dollars. However, the souvenirs produced do not differ in their mediocrity. This is a real exclusive, especially with an original idea. You can build on both purely from the Crimean theme (sea, mountains, palaces), and be creative in full (casts of different parts of the body, making busts, etc.)

The modern interpretation of the saying about a real man, in addition to a house, a tree and a son, should also include an item on creating a business. It just so happens that having their own business provides the stronger sex with a special status and testifies to its dedication and success.

Home business ideas for men from scratch are varied and cover every field of activity, allowing a potential entrepreneur to carve a niche according to their interests and preferences.

It is important to understand that the implementation of a small business idea is within the power of only those men who:

  • Always finish what they started;
  • We are ready to sacrifice personal interests for some time in favor of the development of the enterprise;
  • They do not tolerate delay and correspond to their plan actions;
  • Pragmatic and have a clear strategy.

Home business ideas for men with minimal investment

Below is a list of the most relevant home business ideas for men.

Production and installation of protective glass on LCD TVs

LCD TVs provide high-quality images and are expensive, but they are very fragile to mechanical damage. Even a sharp tap with your finger on the screen can render it unusable, so the vulnerable matrix is ​​at risk every day.

On this basis, the business idea for the production of protective glass for LCD TVs at home and its subsequent implementation to private clients is in great demand, because:

  • The main raw materials are acrylic or polished glass with laminated protection;
  • Custom size work;
  • Minimal competition;
  • The cost of the service varies depending on the screen diagonal and can be 1000-1500 rubles per unit;
  • Monthly profit - from 30 thousand rubles;
  • The payback period of the case - 3- 4 months.

Making a beer snack

Making delicacies for beer is considered one of the most profitable home business ideas, since the price of a finished product can be 10-20 times higher than its cost.

To try himself in this business, a man must take into account a number of features, in particular:

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