Business in crisis: what to do and how to “survive”? Business ideas in crisis

With the onset of difficult economic times, more and more people are thinking about the safety of their capital. Many firms lose profits, and there is panic in the state due to the fall of the national currency and the rise in prices. But, as they say, while some are thinking how to avoid the crisis, others are making money on it. In this article we will talk exactly about what kind of business to do in a crisis.

Why is it worth starting a small business in a crisis?

Many people confidently believe that in a period of economic instability in the country, starting a business is at least a stupid idea. But as practice shows, while some save mercilessly, others get richer.

Money should work. It doesn't matter what kind of stash you have, you shouldn't keep it under the mattress, otherwise you will soon lose it.

And it doesn't matter in what currency you keep your money - they should definitely only multiply.

Understand a simple thing, if you set yourself up in order to save your money, and not invest, then you risk twice as many people who are not afraid to invest in a profitable project.

Profitable areas What business is relevant in a crisis?

Let's take a look at the most profitable options for earning money during the crisis.

Trade area

Regardless of the season, the economic situation in the country and priorities, the need for food will always exist. Well, it's impossible to live without food. Every day we all buy products, so the trade business will never lose its relevance.

During the economic crisis, many businesses are forced to lay off their employees to stay afloat. Citizens who have been left without work, but have some kind of savings, are trying to start their own business in order to survive these difficult times with dignity. The most profitable business in Russia for 2021 includes many different ideas. We'll cover some of them in this article.

Auto dismantling in the garage

So, what is a profitable business to start from scratch? Experts recommend that first of all pay attention to the automotive sector, and in particular, to the sale of used spare parts. During the crisis, many car owners cannot afford to buy new parts, so they are looking for cheaper used parts.

Now let's talk about income. The alcohol trade is the most profitable business in Russia, which brings substantial profits to entrepreneurs. Even if you sell only vodka in a wine-glass, the initial investment will pay off in the shortest possible time. In small establishments, 50 grams of vodka costs 40 rubles. If you sell 1 liter, you get 800 rubles. The wholesale price of 1 liter of vodka is 300 rubles. The average bill in a cheap drink-room is 120 rubles. If your institution is visited by 50 people per day, you can earn more than 100 thousand rubles a month. In expensive wine-glasses located in passages, the monthly income reaches 250-300 thousand rubles. If you cannot think of what profitable business you can open with a small investment, start with such a small, and at the same time, quite profitable establishment.

Bed linen production

Another profitable business idea,. This is the best option for entrepreneurs who want to start a small profitable business with minimal capital investment. There is a favorable situation in the bedding market for opening a new business. According to statistics, there are about 55 million households in our country, and each of them buys 5-6 sets of bedding. At the same time, the leading place in terms of sales is taken by domestic manufacturers.

If you do not have a large start-up capital in order to open a full-fledged manufacturing enterprise, you can organize such a profitable business at home. To do this, you will need:

  • Sewing machine;
  • Overlock;
  • Fabric;
  • Consumables;
  • Packaging.

At home, it is better to sew bed linen to order, since you will not be able to compete with large manufacturers, both in terms of production volumes and quality. But services for sewing bed linen of non-standard sizes are in demand in almost all major cities of our country. In fact, this is an ordinary narrow specialization atelier that is engaged in sewing bedding. The profitability of the bedding business reaches 50%. On the purchase of equipment, fabrics and advertising, you will spend about 100 thousand rubles. If things go well, you can get your initial investment back in just a few months. The state allocates. If you manage to get such financial support, you can start expanding the production and eventually turn it into a large-scale garment factory.

Production of stewed meat and semi-finished meat products

Some experts believe that today a profitable business can only be opened in the food industry. And they are partly right, since demand for such a product does not fall even in difficult economic conditions. It also brings the greatest income, since the cost of raw materials is much lower than the cost of the final product. If an entrepreneur manages to ensure high quality and excellent taste of the product, as well as find permanent sales markets, the enterprise will develop and bring a decent stable income.

In order to start the production of canned meat on a large scale, large investments are required, so it is better to start such a business at home. As a container for stew, you can use ordinary glass jars and tin lids for preservation. It is most profitable to engage in the production of canned meat on the basis of a farm.

While the dollar is having a great time riding crazy roller coasters, our country is stuck in a state of zero gravity. Another crisis gave us a powerful slap in the face, against the background of a general rise in prices, we, as best we can, try to save money and not plan new business projects. But for some of the people hardest hit by the crisis, who have lost their jobs or homes, the only way to make money is to start a business. Starting a business in a crisis seems to be a rather risky business, however, here you can also minimize the risk and develop a competent plan based on a potentially winning idea. Let's talk about what business, in the present difficult time, can be profitable and what kind of business is better to start in a crisis.

Business in crisis: where to start?

First of all - don't panic! A business can be opened in any conditions. All you need is start-up capital and ideas for a business in a crisis. You can also find many options that do not require a lot of start-up capital. All that is required of you is only a goal, a desire to achieve it and experience, skills and knowledge in the business that you are going to do.

There are actually a few time-tested business ideas that work reasonably well in a stagnant economy. These ideas will allow you to start a business and carry out your business activity, even when all the circumstances suggest that the volumes of all markets are only falling.

Here are a few ideas to think about over your morning coffee.

Business at home during the crisis

You have hundreds of options for making money at home. Just plug in your creativity and mind, think! Let's say you can go into production. So! Precisely by production! It's easy to start at home.

For example, you can make:

  • Toys and then sell on the market;
  • Preserves, pickles, marmalade, jams;
  • Bake cakes, pastries and trendy today cupcakes (very good idea!);
  • Bouquets of candy;
  • Bouquets of fruits, and the like.

Of course, manufacturing is not the only area. Thousands of options. Here are the most interesting and extraordinary of them:

The crisis worries every person, and while most people spend time endlessly talking about "what will happen next", you can use this situation and start your business! It is only necessary to correctly define the niche. The 2021 pandemic has put everyone online and the world will not be the same after that. Therefore, the right niche for business is anything related to online and human health.

In this article, we will tell you the top 10 best business ideas that will ideally work in a crisis.

Organization of online events

People are social creatures, they crave communication, new acquaintances and interesting pastime. Now many are sitting at home and they really have nothing to do. Therefore, organizing online events of interest is a good opportunity to make money!

You can host online games such as Mafia, Associations, Who am I, Keeper of the Secret and others. You can organize a club, for example, for businessmen and share the results, the business situation, new ideas and even negotiate there. So you will not only make money, but also help people get through this troubled time in a positive way and in a circle of interesting people.

The cost of such events can vary from a one-time payment of 200-300 rubles, up to several thousand when buying a subscription for a month or six months.

Clients for events are not difficult to find in social networks. You can advertise in the appropriate groups or set up ads.

Home delivery

The next idea is to deliver groceries to your home. The crisis in our country has just begun and many people have already purchased food and toilet paper, but in a week or two, it will all be over. People will be scared to go out on the street and they will start looking for new ways of purchasing basic necessities.

Great opportunity to arrange grocery delivery! The service will be in demand among the elderly, young mothers, and just ordinary people. Now many have left the city for summer cottages, where shops are not everywhere. There will be a great demand for couriers there too!

Advertising for your courier services, again, can be given in the social. networks. But you should not be limited only to the Internet, for sure, there are many people in your house who will gladly order your services, and you won't even have to go far. The cost of one delivery is from 300 rubles. and higher, depending on the complexity of the purchase and the remoteness of the addressee.

things to do with minimal investment

During the economic downturn, there are some peculiarities of doing business. After all, making money in a crisis presupposes a certain approach to business due to the emergence of difficulties with sales. However, this is not a reason to wind down the business or refuse to start it altogether. Usually, startups launched at this particular time turn out to be quite viable and promising.

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Secrets of the Professionals

As a rule, a demanded business in a crisis should have good sales figures. Of course, this can only be achieved by adopting a competent anti-crisis program. Moreover, here it is enough to simply comply with certain conditions and carefully monitor the state of affairs of the company. Undoubtedly, many indicators will also depend on the choice of a successful industry. Let's get acquainted with the main techniques used by specialists in such a difficult period.

In order to keep the company afloat during the economic downturn, it is necessary to reconsider the business strategy and look for new relevant business ideas

Consider reducing running costs. After all, when forming the cost of your products, you will certainly include these indicators. It is optimal to revise the options for renting premises and reduce the number of hired personnel to the required minimum. During a crisis, your business must necessarily have clear trends for progress. Development, however small, will be an indicator of the liquidity of your product in the market. You can achieve this by introducing a flexible pricing policy and attracting customers with various kinds of promotions.

General flexibility is a key factor for a successful entrepreneur. So, it is appropriate to consider which business is profitable during a crisis, and then try to expand the existing business in this direction. Let's say you are the owner of an expensive restaurant and its attendance indicates a clear loss. In such a situation, it is advisable to think about expanding the scope of activities and opening several fast food outlets under your brand. Of course, the prices here must be democratic, and the quality of the dishes must be high.

In a word, try to objectively assess the current situation and take timely steps to improve it. Speaking about novice businessmen, it can be noted that difficult financial times will have an extremely beneficial effect on the formation and implementation of the project. Of course, to be successful, you will need to carefully work out the overall strategy, focusing on potential customers. A profitable business in a crisis is an occupation that is appreciated by the consumer.

Project Development Details

When making a risky decision to start your own business at such a time, one should soberly assess the real chances and prospects. When choosing which business is profitable to do in a crisis, focus on the real indicators of its demand and the amount of investment in the business. Of course, planning this task should include a separate list of likely risks and ways to minimize them. When the strategy is drawn up as close to reality as possible, the project will be profitable and able to resist.

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