Business ideas from America that can be implemented in Russia

The United States of America is a country where small business is flourishing. Americans have such a mentality - they know how to make money by implementing elementary ideas that Russians could also use to improve their financial situation. Therefore, this article is devoted to options for a new business in America, which is not in Russia. We are confident that each of the ideas we have proposed could easily take root in Russian small business.

Principles for American Entrepreneurship

First, you should define the specifics of doing business in America. Americans 'views on entrepreneurship are completely different from Russians' views on the subject. This, in the first place, can explain why such a high standard of living among people in the United States and low - in the Russian Federation.

What are the differences:

That is, small business in America is constantly developing, expanding, opening up new horizons, since successful entrepreneurs understand that success can be achieved only on what is now fashionable in America.

So let's discuss what's hot in America right now. But, before moving on to a detailed description of what is gaining popularity in America and is already in great demand, we note that many of the items from the list below of America's business ideas may seem strange and outlandish to a Russian person:


As we all know, Americans are an obese nation. People who work, for example, in offices cannot afford to regularly visit gyms and gyms to work out. They simply don’t have time for this. In this, people who know how to come up with American business ideas saw the prospect and created a unique proposal for US companies and firms - on the basis of their institution to equip a small gym, in which employees could play sports during a break. There is no need to pay for rent, you just need to install exercise equipment and find individual trainers for people.

Pet Grooming

People who lead a public lifestyle simply do not have time to take care of their pets, but according to their status, they are supposed to make their pets look healthy, well-groomed and beautiful. A very popular business in America is built on this - a taxi that delivers animals to veterinary hospitals, for example, for vaccinations, or to a beauty salon for a haircut. Instead of a taxi, you can offer rich people a hotel for pets for a while while their owners are resting at the resort.

Websites for entrepreneurs and institutions

Mobile hotels

So, I present to your attention some interesting business ideas from America. In principle, people all over the world, with rare exceptions, are arranged in the same way. One head, two arms, two legs. Even the overwhelming majority's brains are cooked in the same way. Therefore, one should hardly expect that business ideas abroad are somehow different from ours, Russian ones. Either they borrow something from us, then we borrow from them ... But still, given the differences in geographic location, mentality, economic development, and other "national" features, I decided to take a closer look at the "over the hill", and in particular, to States - as one of the leading and highly developed countries in the world.

Precisely as a "leading edge" country, the United States generates business ideas for entrepreneurship with such frequency as if it were put on stream. And then, after being introduced and tested in the United States, these ideas, like waves, spread throughout the planet.

According to the results of an independent analysis, every third business idea in Russia is American. It should be noted that in terms of translating ideas into reality, Americans are much bolder than others. As with us: “I thought. I thought again. I started doing it. Met obstacles. While "bypassing", someone else did. " And as with “them”: “I began to think. I started doing it. " Because, God forbid, someone will get ahead.

Best Business Ideas from America:

  • Intimate haircut services. Probably, American "intimate hairdressers" work under the slogan "It should be beautiful everywhere!" However, this idea has already received some distribution in our country, but for the most part all the same haircut in intimate "places" is done independently. But today it is experiencing its "rebirth", adopting new secrets of craftsmanship from the "overseas" masters. Ideally, this idea will be combined with the opening of a regular hairdressing salon.
  • Cafe: dish constructor. Imagine a situation: come to a cafe, you want something like that, but you don't know what exactly. Sound familiar? Then take a business idea from the States! A cafe in which you can choose the ingredients for the dish yourself, experienced chefs will only have to prepare it according to your wishes.
  • Selling food and drinks in traffic jams. Residents of big cities know how much time they have to spend in traffic jams. Many have gotten used to spending this time watching a movie, listening to an audiobook. Why not also grab a bite to eat on the road? By the way, calculate how much money can you make selling food and drinks on a two-kilometer-long traffic jam?

  • Baking baked goods with a cut pattern. Why don't Russian creatives come up with such simple ideas? They are probably busy with more serious things. But still agree that cutting off a piece of bread will make it much more pleasant to see a funny cartoon face on the cut, or something else? And children will not have to be persuaded to eat an extra piece. However, to implement this business idea, you will first need to open your own bakery.

  • Providing an alibi. Of course, we are not talking about support in the commission of administrative or, even worse, criminal offenses. Although some deviation from moral standards is still present here. Although, some argue that money does not smell. Moreover, received from providing an alibi to an unfaithful husband or a windy wife, or from “truthful” photographs confirming that you were at “that” time, “there” and with “those”.
  • Hotel for plants. Leaving on vacation, and there is no one to ask for indoor flowers to water during your absence? Leave them for the trip to the plant hotel, where they will wait for your return safely under the supervision of experienced growers.

  • Plant walls. How much do you think plants increase employee productivity at work, or, on the contrary, help to relax at home? Answer: 40 percent in both cases. This is what was noticed and began to be implemented in American companies. But one or two pots of flowers or a lonely palm tree in the corner was not enough. A whole wall of plants - just one look, and you are already in the jungle. Do you think Russian companies will accept this?

In Russia, many of these ideas have not yet been implemented, the rest are still very, very few, so be on time. Remember that while you are pondering, a more determined competitor will take advantage of the idea. If none of these ideas suits you for some reason, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list

Business ideas from Europe attract our entrepreneurs with their "freshness" and originality, and with the proper approach, they can be implemented in Russia.

No one can give a 100% chance that a business idea will bring fame and fortune to its creator.

However, business ideas from Europe attract entrepreneurs with their “freshness” and originality.

Business ideas from America: current examples

Below are the ideas that have become successful in America and have every chance of becoming the same in Russia. They are relevant and to some extent focused on the Russian consumer

Sale of unique car covers

If you buy these covers and resell them on the Russian market, you can make good money. Will they be in demand? More likely yes than no, because hail in Russia is not such a rare occurrence. While traveling, these covers are absolutely irreplaceable, because if in the city it is still possible to "save" a car by hiding it in a garage or under a shed, then on a trip - no.

Unique Garage Design Business

Modern Russian garages are a collection of unnecessary trash and tools, and in this heap of trash is a car. It is unlikely that their owners will want to change anything, but the owners of private houses, whose garage is adjacent to the house itself, will not mind transforming it into something more than just a car storage room. To do this, it is enough to demonstrate to the owners of the photograph what their garage can become, and they will immediately agree (in theory). Now there are no companies on the market that offered unique designs, there are just firms that carry out repairs. Therefore, if you take an example from Vault, you can create a unique business with great prospects.

Organization of a retro hotel

Of course, there are plenty of hotels in Russia, but thanks to the "zest" clients will come to a retro hotel. In Denmark, La Berg're has earned good money thanks to this idea, and for this reason, you can try to implement this business in Russia.

There are other business ideas from America, but not all of them can be implemented in the CIS countries. First of all, you need to understand that the needs of people are different here, as is the mentality.

Material on the topic: "Popular business ideas in America" ​​with full explanation and justification.

Business in the USA: what's hot or new ideas

While studying what a small business in the United States can be, what is relevant or new ideas that will be in demand, you can focus your company on a global audience or exclusively on immigrants from the CIS countries. The first direction assumes a good knowledge of American traditions and consumer mentality, but at the same time opens up much more opportunities for business development and increasing profits. The second option will allow you to enter the market faster, since it will be easier for you to understand the needs of your compatriot customers, and you can also use the nostalgia and mutual assistance of the diaspora as an advantage.

Mass Market Business in America

A feature of modern American society is a high interest in improving the quality of life. This contributes to the active development of new directions in the sphere of services, public catering and agriculture. Mini-productions focused on the production of eco-products and household items made from natural materials have no less high potential. These business categories are a great option for an immigrant from Russia.

Consistently profitable destinations in the US are the following areas where you can get the most out of your creativity:

Do not forget about such a direction as the IT sphere. If you have programming skills, you can build a business by creating useful applications that can make you huge fortune.

Taking care of their health, Americans are ready to pay more for the opportunity to use things made from natural materials, as well as to eat foods that are safe for health. Today this market is quite developed, but since such enterprises are physically unable to produce large volumes, and the popularity of the direction is growing, the shortage of products is very noticeable. In this category, you can master the following activities:

  • Natural household chemicals and cosmetics. This business is becoming popular all over the world, because it can be started with small volumes literally at home, providing products to your friends and acquaintances. The success of such a business is guaranteed by the correct formulation, attentiveness to customers and an original presentation of the product.
  • Vegetables without the use of chemicals. You can build such a business both on a traditional plot of land (it must be fertile), and by creating an urban eco-farm, which are very popular with Americans.
  • Fabrics and clothing made from plant materials. This is a good business for people who are close to the idea of ​​natural production. One of the most popular materials in the United States is industrial hemp, which is used to make bags, clothing and accessories for sports and leisure. You can grow and harvest raw materials yourself or buy in bulk from existing manufacturers.

Americans lead a busy life, and therefore fast food, coffee shops and eateries are one of the largest areas of business in the United States. The most important success factor in this area is a creative approach, both in the design of the brand and in the products themselves. On the other hand, it is important to understand that Americans tend to stick to fast food traditions and it is difficult to train them to buy new types of foods. It is much more effective to make familiar dishes, but with original ingredients. In 2021, the following ideas can be called the most popular in this direction:

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Business ideas from America: 3 features of business in the USA + 11 interesting ideas + 4 American websites with unique business ideas + comparison of small businesses in the USA and Russia.

The United States is a leader in many areas of business.

According to statistics, 21 million small business organizations are officially registered in America.

That is, every fourth family has some kind of business.

Many firms (approximately 21% of the total) start their journey with $ 1,000.

And after one or two years, such business ideas from America bring their founders millions in revenues.

Having difficulties finding a popular and unusual business idea?

Then you should definitely familiarize yourself with a selection of options from America.

Perhaps this step can inspire you to create your own profitable project.

The specifics of doing business in America

Before moving on to the main topic, you need to understand: business in America and Russia are two completely different concepts.

Will not talk about economic factors (we will return to this at the end of the article).

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