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To achieve success in your career or start your own profitable business, the desire and the availability of start-up capital is not enough. An important role in this process is played by knowledge that helps to navigate the concepts and main categories of business, as well as the experience of those who have achieved considerable success in this industry. The best business books are a truly invaluable source of such information.

Henry Ford - My Life, My Achievements

Henry Ford refused to tell the press about his life and his beliefs - he decided to write his own success story

This book is the autobiography of the world famous owner of automobile plants, combined with his vast experience in the field of production management. The story is literally imbued with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and inspiration that are transmitted to each reader. The views, ideas and principles of the author regarding business management have been successfully implemented by many companies from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

This unique material is a classic work about the scientific organization of labor activity, which can not only provide the necessary knowledge, but also motivate and inspire to achieve the set goals. The book will be useful to those who strive for self-development and business success.

Tony Shay - Delivering Happiness From Zero to Billion

Zappos is the name of an online clothing, footwear and accessories store created by Tony Schei. In 2021, he sold his business to Amazon for $ 1.2 billion

An inspiring success story of someone who got to know the business at the age of nine. The book is about how over a decade Tony's company went from scratch to a billion-dollar turnover, about trial, mistakes, principles and rules that helped to achieve incredible success. The main idea is that you need to work not only for profit, but also for the pleasure of everyone involved in this process: employees, customers, partners, suppliers and even investors. In addition, when committing any act (both in business and in life), it is important to remember that every day is unique, and it will never happen again.

This book is for all managers and entrepreneurs who strive to make their business in such a way that would bring both income and pleasure.

Richard Branson - Naked Business

This is the first book by the author completely devoted to the history of creation and the peculiarities of doing his business

If you want to strengthen your communication skills, improve your leadership skills and learn how to manage your time wisely, these books will help you earn some points on the road to success. The most common advice that can be seen in almost any book of this genre is to be single-minded and pursue your passion and success will come. Professor Cal Newport provides an important addition to this recommendation: excellence in any endeavor can open new doors, provide a basis for progress, and, as a result, give new passion. The author suggests not giving up your dreams, but being realistic and becoming a professional at what you do. Buy on Litres. People love the illusion of confidence in the future, backed up by the predictions of authoritative personalities and experts.

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books that will teach you how to make money on your idea

Here's a selection of the best business books that remain relevant despite time and change. Read on and get inspired! Read also: Highest-paying positions at Apple named. This book went around almost all states. It is printed in many languages. Everywhere her publications were sold like hot cakes. A burning interest in it was created not by artificial advertising hype, but by its very content - behind this book the life and work of a very big man, behind it is the practical experience of the creator of production, unprecedented in scale and organization.

In his book, Henry Ford shares his life story, his views on business management, his ideas in management theory and in general throughout the economy.

His ideas are now embodied in thousands of companies that work according to the principle introduced by Ford at the beginning of the twentieth century. Read also: TOP films about business and success. The first of Sir Richard's books is completely devoted to the history of creation and the specifics of running his business. In addition to the candid stories of the Virgin Group's successes and failures, this book is invaluable with advice and quotes from a real entrepreneurial notebook.

Long gone are the days when education was necessary to achieve wealth and goals. In this book, the author argues that schools and universities do not teach real life and do not show the way to achieve wealth. In the book, in simple and accessible language, the author talks about the secrets of getting rich and financial literacy.

Read also: A pretty penny: how much the heads of Ukrainian state-owned enterprises get. For many entrepreneurs, this book is the Bible, the rationale for their mission and the right to pride; this book changes the worldview, forms a holistic vision of the world and provides answers to questions about the meaning of human life and the social significance of entrepreneurship.

This is a call to be brave, strong and persistent. Branson's book is a manifesto of life, action, risk. The credo of its author is to take everything from life. It means not being afraid to do what you want. It doesn't matter at all whether you have enough knowledge, experience or education.

Actual business ideas Collection Alexey Nomein

Created in the intellectual publishing system Ridero


This book includes six editions at once by the author Alexei Nomein!

To save your time and money, you will find out at once in one place about:

1) Business idea to open a sports nutrition store;

2) A business idea for the manufacture and sale of Eurowood;

3) How to open an exclusive business in your city: Sleeping cabins;

4) Business on trade in confiscated goods;

5) Business selling honey;

Dimasik "more than a year ago

Good day))) the idea will probably be closer to creative people because it is connected with writing books .. I will not drag out for a long time, in general, the essence is this "Everything new is well forgotten old" to many people as in other I myself like to read books and not email. format and real ones that you can hold in your hands and look through, well, at the moment Russia is experiencing a shortage of writers of their contemporaries, there are simply not many of them, and therefore no PR people are stupidly needed to promote your book, you just need to write it and give it to the editor. Now a little math, circulation 5,000-10,000 pages 200-250, retail sales 200-250 rubles. and the writer from this gets 5% there is something (again approximately) 50,000 - 70,000 tons. the most important thing is that the editor would like it))) I really don't know, but I'll try it anyway)))

This is a business idea for writers who can write, have a good recognized style, and have interesting ideas. The point is for the author to publish their books. There are many prerequisites for this to generate income. Let's look at everything in order.

Demand for books. In spite of the fact that high technology “simplifies” our life, providing an opportunity to download literature in electronic form, there are still people (and there are quite a few of them) who prefer to read the book, turn the pages, make notes in the margins, return to their favorite moments ... There is a kind of philosophy in this, a kind of ritual that promotes correct perception. Among those who buy literature written on paper, there are those for whom electronic gadgets are simply not attainable for understanding. Therefore, there is a demand for books, this is clearly evidenced by bookstores, shops and departments: if no one bought their goods, they would have closed.

What to write? The answer to this question depends on two conditions. First, from the author himself: his style, knowledge, genre. If you write poetry, then it makes no sense to chase fashion, you need to publish poetry. And if you are an expert in the field of livestock, then write manuals on breeding livestock. Secondly, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the modern reader. Everything will be on sale, but you can sell what the reader needs faster and more expensive. Today the internet is oversaturated with video games in the style of action, science fiction, fantasy, etc. Among the people who read there are few fans of such literature, while others also have enough electronic pages. Therefore, if you are not yet Ray Bradbury and the Strugatskys, then it is better to choose a different genre for the publishing house. Forum visitors agree on the success of publishing useful articles and tutorials, it can be the same detailed instructions on how to set up your own business, or just advice on housekeeping for the owner.

Send your manuscript to a publisher or print it yourself? Just consider all the pros and cons of these two alternatives, and you choose the one that suits you best. We submitted the manuscript to the publisher: 1. Advantages: - you are not looking for where and how to print, type and distribute books; - your text is edited for free, mistakes are corrected, "combed"; - you do not need to invest your money. ... Disadvantages: - your profit is 5%; - there is a risk: the editor may refuse, and he himself uses your manuscripts for publication under a different name. When self-typing, your income increases significantly, but you are already risking your own money and a huge loss of time.

Where to start? The first thing to do is learn to accept criticism. Take pride in discussing your creativity. First, it is not the author who is looking for the reader, but the reader is looking for the author for himself. Not to please everyone. Criticism is useful, try to draw the right conclusions from outside comments. For a start, you can try to publish your short stories or essays on literary resources, where your comrades in the shop will express an objective opinion to you. To assess the demand for the material that you want to print in the book, you can place excerpts, offer electronic versions and thus assess the relevance of your idea and the reader's demand for you as an author. Such "probing" of the audience is also useful from the point of view of elementary advertising for your name. If everything is in order, people want to read you, they are interested, then you can dare to publish a book.

Small nuances. Authors who are full of great ideas, have great style, but are lame in typography and spelling. If at the same time the option of self-publishing the book is chosen, then the best thing is to hire people who can edit your manuscript before publication. Today there are no problems with this. On the Internet exchanges, you can find excellent editors who, for a reasonable price, will look at your work from the outside and make great text out of it. You should not give everything entirely to one person, remember about plagiarists.

Books have been read, are read and will be read. High technology cannot convey many of the benefits of paper. It's worth a try. If the publication is successful, then it can be printed over and over again, receiving a constant income. In any case, even from unsuccessful attempts, very successful conclusions can be drawn.

My books


Administrator "over a year ago

Aleksasha "more than a year ago

Here you can read online “Aleksey Nomein: Actual business ideas. Collection "- an introductory excerpt of an e-book, and after reading the passage, buy the full version. In some cases, there is a summary. ISBN: 9785448522338, publisher: Litagent Ridero, category: Hobbies and crafts / References / popular_business / Self-improvement / Guides / in Russian. Description of the work, (preface) as well as reviews of visitors are available on the portal. Library "Lib Kat" - LibCat. u was created for those who like to look through a good book and offers a wide range of genres:

By choosing a category to your liking, you can find really worthwhile books and enjoy immersion in the world of imagination, feel the experiences of the heroes or learn something new for yourself, make an inner discovery. Detailed information for review on the current request is presented below:

Relevant business ideas Collection: summary, description and annotation

We offer to read an annotation, description, summary or preface (depending on what the author of the book "Actual business ideas. Collection" wrote). If you have not found the necessary information about the book - write in the comments, we will try to find it.

Alexey Nomein: other books by the author

Who wrote Hot business ideas. Collection? Find out the last name, what is the name of the author of the book and a list of all his works by series.

This book is published on our website as a partner program liters (liters. u) and contains only an introductory excerpt. If you are against posting it, please direct your complaint to info @ libcat. u or fill out the feedback form.

Relevant Business Ideas Collection - read online introductory excerpt

Below is the text of the book, broken down by pages. The system of automatic saving of the place of the last read page allows you to conveniently read online for free the book “Actual business ideas. Collection ”, without the need to search again every time where you left off. Do not be afraid to close the page as soon as you visit it again - you will see the same place where you finished reading.

Relevant business ideas. Collection

Created in the intellectual publishing system Ridero

This book includes six editions at once by the author Alexei Nomein!

To save your time and money, you will find out at once in one place about:

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