Business for $ 10,000: profitable, relevant ideas

Own business, of course, requires financial investments. You can open a small business even if you have only a few tens of thousands of rubles in your pocket. And if your starting capital is several hundred thousand, then the choice expands significantly.

There are many options for what business you can do with $ 10,000. And here are the most popular ones.

Grocery store

This is a profitable and, most importantly, a demanded business at all times. If your shop has enough space of 15-20 square meters, then you will keep within the given amount.

The main costs are business registration and approval of work with the state. services (about 30 thousand rubles), rent and preparation of premises for work (at least 60 thousand rubles), purchase of equipment and products (from 500 thousand rubles). Your business will pay off in about a year.

Private kindergarten

In the wake of a serious shortage of places in public kindergartens, private ones are becoming very popular. You will need to rent a room (at least three rooms), equip it, purchase food and hire staff.

Taking into account the starting capital of 10 thousand dollars, the kindergarten can be designed for 15-20 children, and the monthly income will be from 100 rubles.

Roofing material production

Roofing materials are in great demand now, so it's not difficult to sell your products. The purchase of equipment alone will cost at least 400 tons, and the production workshop must have an area of ​​at least 100 square meters.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with 30 ideas that turned out to be profitable on the territory of the Russian Federation at the time of this writing. Please note that the information is for informational and informational purposes - to think and decide for you, we do not call for action, but only draw attention to rather interesting ideas that justified expectations in specific cases. It is possible that under different circumstances, in the hands of an inexperienced entrepreneur, the result of the implementation of this or that idea for a business will be different, you must understand this.

Idea Manicure Studio

A manicure studio opens top business ideas. Fashion contributes to the development of demand for the corresponding service: training courses, franchises from A to Z, trainings appear on the Internet. Experienced bloggers make money from advertising, affiliate programs, recommending gel polishes and other tools. At the same time, many home craftsmen have already managed to organize a home business. The problem is that every person who cares about health and understands hygiene standards will make a choice in favor of the studio. But no one bothers you to organize a suitable corner to provide services at a professional level. In particular, if the apartment is located on the first floor of a multi-storey building, you can transfer it to a non-residential fund, purchase equipment and make the appropriate interior design in at least one of the rooms.

  • you can make a business at home;
  • other information is free;
  • there are working franchises;
  • small investments.

  • high level of competition.

As a rule, this option is suitable for people who provide the service themselves and have a high level of professionalism, because the competition in the market is high.

Idea to Create a YouTube Blog

To create your own business from scratch, it is not necessary to collect investments for several decades. In some cases, it is enough to follow the trend and take into account the interests of modern society. Surely, many have already noticed that television is gradually losing its audience, while YouTube is turning into a mega-large platform for making money for webmasters, bloggers and advertisers. For some reason, to this day, many treat this option of earning only as a way of manifesting creative inclinations. Not. This is a promising business idea that provides for the search for employees: video editor, screenwriter, actors. You need to purchase equipment and spend finances to promote the resource. Accordingly, it is important to determine the topic. It is important to take into account the competition and partners that will help to recoup investments.

  • many options for earning;
  • minimal investment;
  • income depends on the idea;
  • talented people earn without attachments.

  • not every channel generates revenue.

If you think that it's enough to release an interesting video once and you can forget about work, you are mistaken. In fact, owning a blog takes a long time. You need to constantly release something new so that subscribers do not forget to please you with their attention, and advertisers with money.

Turnkey Bakery Idea

What areas of entrepreneurship are relevant and promising in Ukraine, if you have only 50,000 UAH (

The bulk of the demanded areas of small business require opening costs in the amount of several tens of thousands of dollars. Initial costs of up to $ 10,000 are already a fairly low investment level.

The volume of capital invested at the very beginning of entrepreneurial activity determines, among other things, the competitiveness and sustainability of the business under construction. More investments - higher diversification and recognition of the product / service, more powerful advertising, more opportunities and prospects for the business itself.

However, if the amount of savings set aside for starting a business is not at all large, this has its own advantage: such a business most likely does not require any outstanding entrepreneurial abilities from you, in this case, the business, as a rule , is relatively easy to operate.

Meanwhile, there are mostly available formats of activities in which hired labor is used to a minimum, and the labor of the initiator is used to the maximum.

Quite often, at first, the founder of a business does absolutely all the work on his own, only from time to time resorting to outsourcing services where he cannot cope on his own.

Currently, such areas as fast food, mini-bakeries, private kindergartens, but with a budget of 50,000 UAH, are gaining relevance in Ukraine. there is nothing to do in such directions.

In reality, with only a few thousand dollars, you can count on a very, very limited number of potentially promising options.

Strictly speaking, there are a lot of options for what kind of business to open for several thousand dollars, but if you narrow the wording to what kind of profitable and promising business to open for several thousand dollars, then there are practically no options left. Here we will deliberately not consider options for dubiously risky activities, and also will not take into account those options that are more correctly called earnings, but not entrepreneurship. The distribution of tea and coffee, the layout of the periodical press in the transition and other types of earnings - it is difficult to call the prototype of a future prosperous business.

So, in which areas, with only a few thousand US dollars, can you count not only on success, but also on the possibility of further scaling up your business? We will analyze several areas of activity among those that may be the most interesting and at the same time meet the indicated criteria.

Courier service is a business that does not require large investments to open. Moreover, the demand for delivery services is constantly growing. The attractiveness of this direction naturally led to the fact that many come to it. In your city, most likely there are already at least 1 or 2 courier services that have been successfully proven for a long time.

Such services can also use high-tech solutions (for example, an electric bike or applications for route optimization), which in turn is used for profitable self-positioning in the market.

In addition, large international or national companies may operate in your city, and start-up entrepreneurs cannot compete with them.

Friday December

Small business. This phrase attracts and bewitches many people. But at the same time, by no means all those who breathlessly read about the next project successfully launched from scratch rush to become entrepreneurs. The main reason for this is the lack of a well-developed idea that guarantees a stable income. But you don't have to go far for such an idea, here it is, literally under your nose - textile printing. We will tell you about the business, which is based on textile printing (printing on fabric).

First, let's figure out what textile printing is. Simply put, this is a business built around special equipment, textile printers. They print color images on dark and light fabrics, for example, T-shirts, jeans, jackets, sweaters, baseball caps, towels, and so on in any edition, at least one piece.

If you ask professionals about which textile printer to choose for business, then many will recommend paying attention to the products of the Novosibirsk company "DecoPrint" - printers DTX-400. It is on the example of these printers that we decided to talk about how to build a business on textile printing.

Why Russian DTX printers? It's simple. Suffice it to say that during the days of the Advertising 2021 exhibition they outperformed their competitors. It turned out that foreigners are rather delicate creatures - due to the dry air, they soon began to print faded pictures. At the same time, the colors of the DTX-400/800 v. , presented at the exhibition, remained bright and juicy all the time, and the equipment did not stand idle for a minute, printing on both light and dark fabrics. This quality is also ensured by the ink path design features available only in DTX-400 printers.

In addition, residents of Novosibirsk not only produce DTX textile printers, but also design them themselves. Accordingly, they know their technique from screw to screw. Also on the side of DTX printers is the fact that it was the DecoPrint company, and not someone else, who stood at the origins of this business and released a pilot sample of a textile printer when there was no ink for such equipment. Therefore, it is not surprising that we have chosen this particular equipment to develop a business idea for a textile printing house.

Business model: retail

Let's look at three main business models for organizing your business with DTX textile printers. The first is a retail-oriented textile printing company. The main working tool here is the DTX-400 CMYK + White textile printer, which allows printing on light and dark fabrics.

Such a company must have a head office with an area of ​​at least 10 square meters, plus at least two points of receipt and delivery of orders in large shopping centers. The area of ​​these points is about four square meters, and they are located at the passages.

Each of the outlets must be equipped with branded attributes, a catalog, several product samples (on average, the cost of equipping one outlet starts from 20 thousand rubles). There is no need to install a printer in them - it is very expensive. It is enough to have only one DTX-400 CMYK + White textile printer at the head office, and use points in shopping centers to collect orders.

Let's move on from the organizational structure to the numbers. So, the main expense item when starting such a business is spending on equipment. The DTX-400 CMYK + White printer costs 495 thousand rubles, three printing tables are supplied with it. Additionally, you need to purchase a heat press (price from 25 to 90 thousand rubles), a computer and a couple of tables for placing T-shirts.

The situation in the Russian economy today is not the most cloudless, and therefore many believe that opening their own business should be postponed until better times. We are sure that the crisis is not a reason to abandon the dream of your own business. After all, the perfect moment will never come.

If such philosophical theses do not really convince you, you should think in more down-to-earth categories. A crisis is a time when weak players leave the market, which means that competition for newcomers decreases. And if you can offer something that people really need, then you will be successful with a high probability. It is not for nothing that eminent businessmen argue that great companies are born precisely during a crisis.

You may not become a multibillionaire, but you can still start a working and quite profitable business even when the economy is not experiencing a phase of rapid growth. Moreover, you can start with a relatively small amount for investment. You just need to correctly navigate the market and choose a suitable business idea. We offer you several ideas for business that are relevant today with minimal investment.

Those looking for business ideas suitable for 2021 should remember that, as a rule, a small investment requires a business in the service sector. But not all services in a crisis are equally in demand. To choose a business niche, it is worth taking a closer look at what is happening around.

For example, due to the difficult economic situation, many companies are trying to improve their own efficiency and are actively looking for suitable ways to do this. If you know how you can help them in this matter, try starting a business in the field of professional consulting.

Managing Partner of Top Hotel Experts

It is this segment that focuses mainly on professional knowledge, contacts and intangible resources, so you can start a business with the lowest budget in the field of professional consulting.

It should be noted that the demand for such services strongly depends on a specific niche. Currently, professional consulting is in great demand among those who work in the hotel business. The fact is that today in many regions projects are underway to expand the hotel infrastructure or create new hotels. In addition, the cases of change of ownership have become more frequent on the market. In both of these situations, the players are interested in the opinion of a specialized expert regarding the real situation in the project.

But, choosing such a business is still worth those who already have experience in consulting, in the b2b field, or, in extreme cases, at least some experience of working with clients. Indeed, professional consulting has its own pitfalls.

According to Natalia Rosenblum, the most important issue is related to the client and his requests. It is often difficult for a client to understand why he needs to involve one or another specialized specialist. Or he has a negative experience of working with consultants, and he may refuse their services altogether. When starting a consulting business, it is important to keep these situations in mind and be prepared to resolve them.

If you have always been able to find a common language with children, you should pay attention to the "children's" business. Generally, businesses involving children are a win-win anytime. After all, parents strive to give their kids all the best, despite the crisis.

However, it is worth noting that not all businesses that make money on children feel equally good. For example, clothes and toys began to sell a little worse, as parents approach their purchase more rationally. And it is impossible to open a store of such goods with a small amount of money.

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