Actual business in 2021 in Russia

With the onset of the crisis, there is a need to look for ways and means to increase income. One of the options is to open and develop your own business, which would be relevant during an unstable financial environment. To minimize the risk of losing all your savings, you should develop a concept in which you can start a business with a minimum investment.

Why open a business in a crisis?

There are a number of reasons for starting a business in times of crisis. Reasons:

  • No alternative to work for hire

Jobs in enterprises are being cut, wages are decreasing. Working conditions are deteriorating, there is no stability. This contributes to the desire to develop options that are relevant for a given period.

  • Good specialists and skilled workers also remain unemployed

This is the time when you can start a business with the involvement of highly qualified personnel. Their services are inexpensive.

  • Service prices are falling

This applies to the rental of vehicles, equipment, free space and premises. Costs associated with doing business are reduced.

  • The activities of competitors, which were relevant before the changes, are less active

Moscow is a colossal and active shopping center of the Russian Federation. The pace of life of local entrepreneurs requires an instant response to the change of different factors, as well as quick help from experts. All this creates the demand for services that are relevant for large cities and are not always popular in provincial towns. Below are the best business ideas in Moscow.

The modern citizen of the capital is beginning to pay due attention to food that has a beneficial effect on health. Because of this, various stores began to appear on the market instantly, like mushrooms, and ordinary suppliers of safe food or products from the farm appeared. A real example is D. Kopiski's cheese dairy from Britain, which was established in the Vladimir region.

Business ideas in Moscow, which offer delivery of safe food 7 days in advance, became the way out for the constantly running inhabitant of the capital. The bottom line is as follows. For a specific amount, the buyer is delivered a set of food and a list of easy recipes, according to which practical meals can be prepared for 7 days. The first on the market for this service were "Food Party" and Elementaree.

Car Service

The capital regularly feels a lack of entrepreneurial activity related to car maintenance and repair. Even during the crisis, people buy cars, which means that the demand for the service is growing rapidly. If a person has skills in this area, then he knows all the details of this activity.

To realize your business idea from scratch in Moscow, you need:

  • Make a list of services. A businessman has the opportunity to provide the following services: tire fitting, tuning, car repair, as well as diagnostics and repair of automobile electrics.
  • Find a practical place. The entrepreneur's service station must be visible from the road, but located in accordance with the requirements of the SES.
  • Have a large amount of finance. A businessman will have to purchase high-quality tools and equipment, which, as practice shows, are very expensive.
  • Find professional employees, since the image depends on them. In this area, the so-called word of mouth works perfectly, which is why, when providing low-quality services, there is a potential risk of losing customers.

Vending machine

Not so long ago, uncomplicated fast food was prepared and sold everywhere: hot dogs, shawarma, and so on. In addition, migrant traders, who most often worked in such points, regularly raised many questions. The authorities of the capital are persistently and purposefully eliminating such stalls.

Nevertheless, a developed analogue and part-time new business idea in Moscow is street vending, namely coffee machines and pizza machines. If you attach a unit for the production of french fries to them, then a standing automated cafe will come out. These devices are mounted in special boxes with an anti-intruder protection system. In a walkable place, one machine earns about $ 2,000 (120,000 rubles) per month, including operator fees.

Unusual hotel

Idea for business is very important! You need to start a business with her

Moscow is a city of great opportunities for those who want to loudly declare themselves. This is where you can start your business from scratch and take it to the next level. Moreover, an entrepreneur does not have to immediately invest a lot of money.

The main thing is to correctly determine in which area it is better to open a business in Moscow. Even small, but well-organized, it can bring significant profits, allowing you not to depend on anyone, develop and gradually expand your own business.

Every second Russian dreams of opening his own business. Working for yourself, you can make your basic dreams come true: • financial independence; • free work schedule; • self-realization; • increasing personal status in society. Today in Russia there is a tendency to increase the growth of small and medium-sized businesses. This is beneficial for the country's economy, as it allows entrepreneurs to receive financial returns, pay taxes and increase overall welfare. But starting a business requires an initial investment of capital. If you don't have it or you don't have enough money, you can open a business that requires minimal investment.

In the field of popular and profitable small business, there is a whole list of interesting directions that lead to success. Let's consider the types of profitable business in Moscow in more detail.

Car wash or car service

The larger the city, the greater the number of cars in it, which means that the option of a small business to repair or wash them will always be in demand and profitable. To open a ready-made business or a profitable service station or car wash in Moscow, you need to consider: 1. Location. Services should be visible and attract the attention of motorists, but at the same time not violate sanitary standards and safety requirements (distance from residential buildings, etc.). 2. Equipment. The class of mechanisms and tools for work and their cost directly depend on what target audience the car wash or service station is designed for. The range of services provided is also important (dry cleaning, polishing, tuning, painting, etc.). The more money a businessman invests in his own business, the less time it will take to pay off. 3. Personnel. For a business to be profitable and quickly start generating income, you will need the services of professionals. High-quality car repair and washing will initiate word of mouth and attract many new customers.


Trade at all times and any crisis years for the country has been one of the most demanded and profitable areas. It is very easy to open a profitable retail or wholesale business in Moscow today. The following product groups are especially popular: 1. Eco-products. Muscovites are happy to buy natural products: fruits, vegetables, berries, honey, dairy and meat products, eggs, etc. Those who have a summer cottage or country house with a vegetable garden and / or a place for raising animals and poultry can open their own business and earn decent money. 2. Handmade. In recent years, the sale of handmade products has been in particular demand. These can be various accessories (jewelry, bags), clothing or home furnishings. Most often, such a business is run by girls or women. Moreover, the Internet is becoming the main trading platform. In order for a new outlet to develop successfully and bring the planned income, it is necessary: ​​


To open a business in Moscow without investments, it is enough to own some real estate. Anything can be rented out in the capital: • private house; • an apartment; • garages; • land; • parking places; • industrial buildings, etc. This business can be small or huge. Among the advantages of such entrepreneurship are: • high demand; • high prices; • constant receipt of funds. The obvious disadvantages include: 1. High risks. The owner at any time can face fraud, damage to his property and other unpleasant consequences of renting real estate. 2. The need for legalization. Illegal activities are punishable by law and are subject to severe fines.

3. Minimum development. If you rent out one apartment or garage, it is difficult to purchase another property with the proceeds, but you can significantly replenish the family budget.

Freight Dispatcher

Business ideas in demand in Moscow

Most profitable business: earning ideas with the greatest profitability

This is the most profitable business that pays off in a short time. The pawnshop takes interest for every day the loan is used.

Activities - short-term loan service, storage of items, information services. LLC is registered with the tax authorities, in the Assay Office. Pawnshops report on their work to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The activity is not licensed. The organization is located at a point with high traffic - in a shopping center, on the first or basement floor of a residential building.

Profitable and promising business ideas - TOP business ideas of the year

For example, setting the price of 600 rubles per person for a 2-3 hour session, you can get a profit of at least 50%. The only difficulty is that it will take time for a full return on investment. Certain savings can be obtained by inviting the owners of beer outlets to cooperate, purchasing part of used equipment, self-advertising in social networks.

Approximate investment - 240,000 rubles.

Implementation of the idea: The main part of expenses is spent on preparation for opening and purchase of everything necessary for work: purchase of an inflatable attraction, accessories for it; payment for the rental of accommodation; employee salary; transportation costs.

The most relevant and profitable business ideas without investment for a year

Almost every second entrepreneur wants to open an actual business in 2021 in Russia, but as practice shows, problems often arise when choosing a niche to start a business. Indeed, due to the unstable economic situation in the world, the preferences and purchasing opportunities of consumers change very often, and it is almost impossible to keep track of them.

Actual business ideas of the year in Russia

However, you should not give up in advance. After all, there are also such categories of business that, regardless of the economic situation in the country, always remain relevant. Well, we will consider the most profitable of these ideas for 2021 later in the article.


From time immemorial, trade has been considered the most reliable and profitable type of business, which is used in all countries of the world, without exception. Compared to other branches of one's own business, trade has the largest number of areas in which to develop. Anyone can engage in such a business, even if they have a minimum cash capital. Well, as for the current areas of trade in Russia for 2021, we will consider them below.


It's no secret that in times of economic hardship, people try to spend their money only on the most necessary things, among which, of course, food takes the first place. However, in order not to burn out in this niche as a seller, you should adhere to a few easy rules.

  • Build on your start-up capital. Food is a special category of business that requires many certificates and permits. Therefore, based on your financial capabilities, you will need to choose in advance one or several categories of goods that you plan to deal with. Further, with the remaining funds, you can purchase your first product from suppliers, or make it yourself (we are talking about products such as bread, cookies, pizza, etc.);
  • Follow product quality. When selling food products, it is very important to monitor their quality and shelf life. After all, expired products are unlikely to leave anyone happy, and this, in turn, will affect your reputation. Well, the worst turn of events can happen if a client is poisoned by your low-quality products. Then the authority will be empowered to revoke your license, fine, or even imprison you;
  • Conduct periodic product tasting among consumers. Perhaps many of us have noticed that any category of goods (cheese, sausage, bread, mayonnaise, etc.) has several analogues, distinguished by quality and price. Therefore, in order not to purchase many of the same type of goods from different manufacturers, you should determine which products are most dispersed among buyers. This will allow you to save money on the purchase of goods, as well as get rid of delays.

And finally, do not forget about the so-called trends (a category of products advertised through mass media sources). For 2021, this category will include organic food, such as: vegetables, fruits, meat, milk, cheese, eggs, etc.

Commissioned goods

Another actual business in 2021 in Russia, with minimal investment, is your own thrift store. This area of ​​your own business is based on the purchase of cheap (not branded) clothing, and its implementation. On average, the wholesale cost of commission items is 2-3 times lower than the wholesale cost of branded clothing, which means that starting a business in this direction will not cost an entrepreneur so much.

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