Actual business ideas for 2021-2021 with minimal investment

Starting a business with zero investment is difficult, but realistic. One should not expect super profits from such a startup, but enterprising people manage to earn their living (a car, an apartment, a wedding, travel). According to the laws of the Russian Federation, a small enterprise is considered to be earning up to 800 million rubles a year. But there are no restrictions on starting investments.

Is it realistic to start a small business with a small start-up capital? Yes it is possible. Below is an overview of the activities that will allow you to organize your business with minimal investment. Seventy percent of startups with a "low start" are not profitable for investment - it is not worth investing credit money in such a business. Small business is based on personal qualities: honesty, professionalism, and the ability to stand out among competitors.

Remember! As a rule, a business without investment is mediation. The lack of initial financial investments is compensated by energy, information, knowledge.

Idea: Delivery Service

In 2021, small business for delivery will be in demand for three reasons:

  • busy people do not have enough time to travel;
  • bad roads and traffic jams prevent fast movement - because of this, a courier is entrusted with transportation;
  • online stores began to offer home delivery in large quantities; at the same time, it is unprofitable to keep a courier on the staff of a virtual point of sale - more and more often such services are outsourced, involving outside services.

Abroad, home delivery of groceries and goods is the norm. For Russia, this business is no longer exotic, but there are still problems. There is a lack of complex companies that will undertake to transport cargo at any distance in a short time, guaranteeing safety and speed acceptable to the client. Therefore, resourceful businessmen invent creative models for organizing delivery with the assistance of assistants who have free time and personal transport.

To achieve profitability, you will have to cooperate with many companies and offer a wide range of services. The more regular customers, the higher the profitability. It is possible to start a similar business in 2021 with minimal investment and one courier who will travel by public transport, but a serious scale will require substantial financial investments.

Idea: Dropshipping

This new kind of small business is called the future of commerce. The idea is finding more and more fans for two reasons:

  • a startup requires minimal initial investment;
  • the risk of lost money is minimized.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own business can choose one of two promising areas of activity - come up with a new original idea or start a proven business with high profitability. There are many options that allow you to make good money literally from scratch. In this article, we'll show you how to start a profitable low-investment business in 2021.

Installation of gates and fences

This is a fairly profitable business with little investment. In order to do this, you need 50-80 thousand rubles. In this area, there is practically no competition, or rather it is there, but demand significantly exceeds supply. If you do your job well and offer affordable prices, there will always be customers.

It is most profitable to do this kind of business in small towns, since suburban construction has begun to actively develop lately. Urban dwellers tend to move closer to nature, so they buy land in the countryside to build cottages or small houses on them. As a rule, not a single household farm can do without a fence, so this idea of ​​a small business with minimal investment can be safely called eternal. The only drawback of the way to make money is seasonality.

Nail bar

Beauty is a topic that always interests the fair sex. Therefore, any business idea with a small investment related to the field of beauty will bring a decent profit even during a crisis. The most popular services are manicure, nail and eyelash extension. Recently, nail bars began to open en masse in large cities. These are small islands made in the form of a bar counter. Most often, nail bars are found in shopping centers, where there is a high traffic of potential customers. Business women often do not have enough time to visit a beauty salon, so they prefer to extend their eyelashes or get a manicure at a nail bar.

Such a manicure studio will cost you 100-150 thousand rubles. If you manage to promote the point, it will bring 65-75 thousand rubles of net profit every month.

Reinforced concrete rings

Another profitable small business idea with a small investment is the production of reinforced concrete rings. A team of three workers can make 10 rings per day with a diameter of 70–150 cm. Each product can be sold for 3 thousand rubles, respectively, the daily proceeds will be 30 thousand rubles.

The production of reinforced concrete rings can be organized directly in the open air. The most important thing is the ability to connect to a power source and a level work area. One form for making rings will cost you 50 thousand rubles. The initial investment can be returned in just 1 month.

Ivan tea production

Modern people care about their health, so they prefer to buy environmentally friendly, natural products. If you have not decided yet, buy the necessary equipment and set up the production of Ivan tea. The leaves and stems of this plant produce a delicious healthy drink that has sedative and other medicinal properties.

Against the background of political and economic turmoil, many still found the strength to implement their ideas, organize a new business, or strengthen an existing one. And personally, I have no doubts that the enterprise, which was opened in such a difficult time, will continue to develop successfully after the stabilization of the economy.

List of business ideas and video reviews:

Many materials were prepared on the basis of consultations with experts in the field of certain spheres of entrepreneurial activity, interviews with businessmen who are successfully developing their business, who have achieved certain results in business. Therefore, I can say with confidence that there are no unique get-rich-quick methods, in every industry you need to work hard to realize your dreams. And further. Money alone is not enough to achieve the goal, to be honest, their presence is not even always necessary to start.

The main components of success, I would call perseverance, patience, courage, and responsibility - all these qualities, with their lack, can be developed in oneself. This means that success depends only on you, on your desire. However, I have already told the readers how to develop the traits of a real entrepreneur (see here). Let's better dwell on the fact that, even as a super-positive person, without a clear picture of your future, any specific goal, you will remain just a good person. And wealth will pass you by, nodding to you like an old but forgotten acquaintance.

Business ideas - with minimal investment

In this post, I tried to collect business ideas that meet several parameters: Relevant in the coming 2021; Those that, if possible, you can start with minimal investment, or from scratch; Which can be implemented in the current crisis; Having a future development perspective; Distinguished from others in creativity and originality. In the resulting review of my personal top 11 “hot” business ideas-2021, fresh projects are mixed with “well-forgotten old” projects that have acquired a “second wind” in the changed conditions of life. I want to say that those ideas that will receive the most feedback and comments, I will definitely consider in a separate detailed article.

Phone repair

What is the current turnover in the market of mobile devices, I think many of you know even better than I do. According to experts, the average life expectancy of a smartphone in adolescents aged 15 to 18 is approximately 8-12 months in older young people - from 18 to 21 years - 6-9 months from 21 to 27 years - from 10 months up to 1.5 years from 27 to 35 years - from 1 to 2 years over 35 years - from 1 to 3 years.

The data was obtained by analyzing the volume of sales of mobile devices in retail outlets of mobile operators and calls to services for the repair of mobile equipment. Today almost everyone has telephones, from toddlers who still go to kindergarten to elderly pensioners.

Today the telephone is no longer a part of the image, it is an indicator of the status of a person, on whose service a lot of money is spent annually. If some 2-3 years ago, when prices for mobile devices still did not "bite" as much as now, buying a new smartphone in the event of a breakdown of the old one was not a problem, then with the advent of the crisis in the country it became more profitable to repair the mobile phone, which , in fact, led to the demand for the services of cell phone repair shops.

Anticipating objections, such as: "How can you organize such a business without understanding anything about repairs?", I will answer: "You do not know how to work with your hands - work with your head, organize those people who have such skills, manage their work ! And if you don't know how to manage, then you most likely need to grow strawberries in the beds, and not look for a niche on the Internet for your own business! ”

Mobile beauty salon

Today there are so many mobile services: a mobile car service, a mobile planetarium, a mobile coffee shop, and even a full-fledged auto cafe, that it will not be difficult to "put" one more service on wheels - a beauty salon. For clients, this is a great time saving, for the salon owner - in addition to paying for services, it also significantly reduces the cost of organizing a business. The nature of the provision of cosmetic services is on-site. But, nevertheless, this is not only a visit to the client's home to make him a manicure, haircut, eyelash extension, or apply a photo print on his nails. We are talking about a kind of mini beauty studio, organized in a spacious camper van or comfortable bus

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