Actual business ideas for 2021

Today I offer you a review already traditional on the eve of the New Year - business ideas 2021 with minimal investment. There are only a few days left until the end of 2021. It was not easy for everyone - this year, without exception. But someone knows how to win, even in difficult situations. And against the background of political and economic turmoil, many still found the strength to implement their ideas, organize a new business, or strengthen an existing one. And personally, I have no doubts that the enterprise, which was opened in such a difficult time, will continue to develop successfully after the stabilization of the economy. But the year is coming to an end, some business ideas have "lost" their positions in the ranking of the top ones, giving way to others, even not necessarily new, but with a change in the situation in the country that has become relevant.

I would like to note that I do not pretend to publish the only correct solutions for small and medium-sized businesses - everyone has their own methods of achieving goals. I also want to say that many materials were prepared on the basis of consultations with experts in the field of certain areas of entrepreneurial activity, interviews with businessmen who are successfully developing their business, who have achieved certain results in business.

Therefore, I can say with confidence that there are no unique get-rich-quick methods, in every industry you need to work hard to realize your dreams. And further. Money alone is not enough to achieve the goal, to be honest, their presence is not even always necessary to start (but desirable!). The main components of success, I would call perseverance, patience, courage, and responsibility - all these qualities, with their lack, can be developed in oneself. This means that success depends only on you, on your desire.

However, I have already told the readers how to develop the traits of a real entrepreneur (see here). Let's better dwell on the fact that, even as a super-positive person, without a clear picture of your future, any specific goal, you will remain just a good person. And wealth will pass you by, nodding to you like an old but forgotten acquaintance. Allegory, of course, but on the whole, everything is correct.

Business ideas with minimal investment

In this post, I tried to collect business ideas corresponding to several parameters:

  • Relevant in the coming 2021;
  • Those that, if possible, you can start with minimal investments, or from scratch;
  • Which can be implemented in the current crisis;
  • Having a future development perspective;
  • Different from others in creativity and originality.

In the resulting review of my personal top-11 "hot" business ideas-2021, fresh projects are mixed with "well-forgotten old", which in the changed conditions of life have acquired a "second wind." I want to say that those ideas that will receive the most feedback and comments, I will definitely consider in a separate detailed article. back to contents ↑

Phone repair

What is the current turnover in the market of mobile devices, I think many of you know even better than I do. According to experts, the average life expectancy of a smartphone

  • in adolescents aged 15 to 18 years is approximately 8-12 months
  • in older young people - from 18 years to 21 years - 6 -9 months
  • from 21 to 27 years old - from 10 months to 1.5 years
  • from 27 to 35 years old - from 1 to 2 years
  • over 35 years - from 1 to 3 years.

The data was obtained by analyzing the volume of sales of mobile devices in retail outlets of mobile operators and calls to services for the repair of mobile equipment.

Today almost everyone has telephones, from toddlers who still go to kindergarten to elderly retirees. Today, the telephone is no longer a part of the image, it is an indicator of the status of a person, on whose service considerable sums are spent annually. If some 2-3 years ago, when prices for mobile devices still did not "bite" as much as now, buying a new smartphone in the event of a breakdown of the old one was not a problem, then with the advent of the crisis in the country it became more profitable to repair the mobile phone, which , in fact, led to the demand for the services of cell phone repair shops.

Financial storms, crises and other economic hardships have a huge impact on small businesses, increasing demand in some markets and bringing down others. However, life goes on. If you are thinking about starting a business from scratch, you should pay attention to the latest research by economists in this area.

What did the research data show?

Several trends have been identified, including the growth of business prospects in the field of mobile applications, services, outsourcing. Based on the collected data, the top most promising ideas for small business for 2021 - 2021 were formed.

I would like to emphasize that we are talking about a small business with the possibility of starting from scratch or with a small (minimal) start-up capital.

Mobile toys for children

The most promising business ideas for 2021 - 2021 are closed by the idea of ​​creating mobile applications for children. It is no secret that almost every person, including children, has mobile phones, but there are no mobile applications focused exclusively on the children's audience of different age groups.

What is actually needed to organize such a case? Actually, not a lot:

  • - specialized software;
  • - knowledge of child psychology (you can use your children or nephews, nieces as an assistant);
  • - a desire to work.

As for ideas, by and large, you can simply optimize ready-made ideas exclusively for a children's audience. As just an example, a video application that selects cartoons from YouTube on a certain topic (recently, anime is popular among my children).

Waste Business

One of the most dynamically developing industry in the world is the processing of household waste, in fact, multimillion-dollar profits are “extracted” from heaps of garbage. True, when it comes to business for recyclable materials, they immediately talk about a high threshold for entry (start-up capital), the only exceptions are the processing of plastic bottles, collection of waste paper. True, experts predict the growth of a completely new niche of small business for recyclable materials, namely the collection and disposal of household appliances.

The problem of recycling old household appliances, although the word for old is not entirely correct, often it is about morally obsolete, it will only grow, which allows you to do good business. On the one hand, a payment is taken for removal from the owner, on the other hand, disassembly, the sale of components of such equipment brings a good profit.

Training Courses

Now that small and medium-sized businesses have become widespread medium and small businesses, many people think about doing any kind of entrepreneurial activity, but at the same time not spending financial resources on renting or buying premises for business , and do business right at home.

There is a wide variety of entrepreneurial ideas that you can implement at home. Let's look at the most relevant home business ideas with minimal investment, which in 2021, despite the rather tense situation in the country's economy, can become a good source of income.

Internet activities

Among the areas of business ideas at home, many are based on doing business on the Internet. Now there are a large number of ways that allow you to make money without leaving your home and working on the Internet.


For those who are well versed in spelling and know how to write logically literate articles, such a kind of income as copywriting is suitable. In this case, you will need to write custom-made articles, which are mostly used to fill sites. The fact is that for website promotion it is important that the content on the resource is unique, otherwise it will not be easy for the site owner to achieve first places in the search engine results. You can find customers both independently using various thematic forums, and working on specialized content exchanges, the choice of which is now quite wide.

Of course, the exchanges take a certain commission from customers and performers, but at the same time they provide a guarantee that with a high-quality execution of the order, the contractor will receive payment, since it is immediately blocked on the customer's account. Examples of such copywriting exchanges: etxt. u, advego. u

Website development

For those who are well versed in web programming, such a kind of home business as creating websites at home is suitable. Payment for such work can be quite high - it all depends on the requirements and objectives of a particular project. Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to immediately take expensive orders - at first it will take time to build a portfolio on cheaper orders, but with the right approach, you can gradually increase your income. In this type of earnings, it is important not only to have the skills to create websites, but also to be able to competently present your skills, build a portfolio, convince the customer of your competence and the reasonable price of your services.

Some people are very successful in making money on the Forex exchange. The essence of this earnings is to trade currencies and receive income from the difference in the prices of currencies. But such a matter requires a very serious approach and you will need to study many trading strategies and laws of currency price regulation. Also, the psychological factor plays a huge role in the success of earning money on Forex, you need to have sufficient composure to make the right decision when the direction of price movement changes. Of course, Forex really allows you to make money and this amount can be very large, but as statistics show, it is possible for about 5% of those who try to trade on this exchange.

Traditionally, you can find all the latest novelties in the world and current trends in small business on the main page of our website. And below you can see our subjective opinion on which business ideas are worth trying in 2021 so as not to waste your initial capital.

You can agree with our conclusions, you can ignore them, or you can say that this is just another triviality. Let's just say one thing. Our project has existed for 3 years and during this time we have collected an extensive database of materials, observing all this time how some ideas die, while others are born and fired.

Some niches are fading, others are gaining momentum. Everything is cyclical. Therefore, you should not look for some "super unique" technique that will make you a millionaire overnight. It doesn't work that way.

Classic business models win over long distances, in which you can bring something of your own, something modern and creative. This, in our humble opinion, is the main secret of success.

Be careful, there are “many letters”, so we recommend that you use the content for easier navigation through the materials.

How to create your own ideas from scratch

We have already written here which of the ways to generate ideas is the most correct.

If you are too lazy to follow the link and get valuable knowledge that will cost you the money you saved, then let's dwell on the nuances.

Everything rests on two pillars: a) the correct definition of your target audience and b) the two most important criteria of the idea (mass and accessibility).

a) The main message at the choice of the target audience. Your target audience must be performing some kind of physical action.

Correct target audience: a woman prepares soup in the kitchen; a man descends into the subway after work; a loader unloads a truck that has arrived at the store.

Wrong target audience: student who wants to buy an expensive car; a person sitting at home watching TV; a woman who enjoys cycling on weekends.

If you come up with a project that will subsequently solve someone's problem, then rely on the target audience, which is characterized not by emotions and desires, but by real physical actions. It is important.

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