88 business ideas in crisis - what business is relevant in the crisis of 2021 in Russia

Business in crisis: what to do?

Business has a hard time in crisis. The number of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs has decreased and continues to decline. Everything played a role here: the decreased purchasing power of citizens, and the restriction of imports due to Western sanctions, and the "collapsed" ruble, and the deterioration of credit conditions. Although the state has put forward a number of "bonuses" to support entrepreneurship - this is the development of self-regulation, and subsidies, and the creation of an outsourcing center, and support for social business - the situation is still difficult.

The result is not happy. According to statistics from the Higher School of Economics, more than seventy percent of those who dreamed of doing business in Russia simply do not have the opportunity to implement their plans. The main reasons are called the inability to take out a loan because of the prohibitively high lending rates and bureaucracy. Moreover, by giving privileges with one hand, power takes them away with the other.

For example, the Ministry of Finance is reducing the number of entrepreneurs entitled to preferential taxation. Trading outlets, rentiers, catering outlets have been removed from this list. The head of government demanded that small businesses help to replenish the budget. "Where to help?" - the owners of small firms were indignant: "... here we wouldn't be able to stretch our legs."

Yet every month new small businesses are opening in Russia. After all, even in a crisis, there is no “everything is bad”, there are always new opportunities. And the harsh economic conditions are a reason not to lose discipline and to carefully calculate your plans and forecasts.

Business Ideas in Crisis: Rural Business Ideas

What business to open in the village: beekeeping

The costs are rather big - these are hives, bee colonies, inventory, staff (at least an accountant and two beekeepers).

Honey can be sold not only at fairs - contracts can be concluded with legal entities, such as pharmacies, specialized stores. Foresters and farmers are directly interested in cooperation with apiary owners.

Not without risks. Usually, beekeepers move from place to place, and this is natural - both the condition of the land and weather conditions, for example, rainy or, conversely, dry summers, affect productivity.

Get ready for the fact that you will have to learn a lot, for example, use various agricultural machinery, drive a tractor.


Business in crisis. Before deciding which business to open in 2021, one should understand what is changing during the crisis and why it is necessary to select ideas precisely taking into account the difficult economic situation.

factors that will help you choose an actual business in a crisis:

Small business in the outback of Russia is less susceptible to the impact of the crisis, since many in small towns and villages do not live well anyway and are accustomed to be content with little and provide for themselves: their chickens, eggs, potatoes, their own tractor, themselves repairs.

Features of starting a business during a crisis

Many believe that commercial activity in an unstable economy has no real prospects for development. But this is not the case. The crisis opens up opportunities for small business, you just need to choose the right field of activity.

For example, many niches are opening up for the implementation and development of their business in the field of production and services. During a crisis, you can consistently make a profit by reselling what will always be in demand: food, especially natural food - why not start your own business in the countryside? Another option is the reverse, to open a rural store, choosing an assortment that is aimed at meeting the main needs of the population.

What to choose?

Each area of ​​business is different and depends on where you are. Let's give an example of several areas of earning:

  • A beginner entrepreneur needs to focus on the repair of household appliances, vehicles, etc.
  • In the field of finance, fast-profit areas prevail: the provision of microcredits (money "before paycheck") and services of pawnshops.
  • A crisis is a good time for students and youth, any extraordinary idea can become an excellent foundation for a profitable startup project.

In our country, you can use the economic crisis to create a team of real specialists, with whom you implement any idea aimed at making a profit.

Any crisis has its own reasons, but the symptoms are similar. If politicians are trying to cope with the causes of the crisis in the country, then the full consequences fall on the shoulders of ordinary citizens who have no choice: they have to overcome all life difficulties on their own.

Every entrepreneur understands when there is a crisis in the country, you can rely only on yourself. Many people find it unnatural to start a profitable business during a busy period. Indeed, many companies at this time, on the contrary, go bankrupt, and the staff remains unemployed. At such a time, there is a significant drop in the purchasing power of the population, that is, the number of buyers is sharply reduced. Therefore, it is believed that a new business in a crisis is a complete gamble, because there is simply no one to support a young entrepreneur. There is no trust in him from lenders and investors. This mistrust is the basis of the economic crisis.

But, despite any difficulties, a person should not fold his hands. Most people are simply forced to start a new business, because as a result of the crisis they have lost all their own savings. Therefore, today many are interested in business ideas that could be implemented during a crisis in the state.

Since people do not have the means to open a big business, it means that a profitable anti-crisis business should not require large investments.

Of course, it is better if you can do without any investments to organize a small business.

What business to start in a crisis?

There are several options for business ideas to create your own small business in a crisis moment. But you don't need to think that every idea is universal and will definitely prove to be quite effective. It must be analyzed for specific conditions without fail. What to do in a crisis?

Grocery business

It is worth starting with a group of products, for which there will definitely be consumer demand - bread, baked goods should always be only fresh. For the festivities, the consumer will definitely want to buy various sweets.

During the crisis, chocolate is especially in demand. An example of the nineties of the last century, when numerous stalls with such goods as chocolate, chewing gum, chupa chups and other sweets appeared. This product, despite the lack of money of the population, is the best-selling one, it brings good profit. According to human psychology, in difficult times, his body requires sweets to a greater extent.

For a young entrepreneur, the most important thing is the correct choice of a business idea, that is, you need to open an unoccupied niche in trade.

It is imperative to determine the most popular product, as well as set a price for it so that the majority of the population can afford the product, and, of course, not at a loss.


To understand what is profitable to do in our time, you don't need to do some complicated research. You can just walk along the streets of the city and see what services or goods are in demand among the population. What business is currently relevant, we will try to figure it out in this article.

A business that saves money

If you are looking for relevant business ideas for 2021, pay attention to the area of ​​activity that allows businesses and individuals to save their money. Offer your customers inexpensive office furniture, office equipment at good discounts, or marketing designs that help reduce costs. Help people solve their problems and make money from it.

Network Marketing & Franchise

It is quite difficult to determine which business is relevant in a crisis. In order not to lose your money, it is best to hide under the wing of a well-promoted brand during this difficult time. There are many different great deals on the internet for buying a franchise.

People who do not have start-up capital, but really want to get financial independence, can start network marketing. In this case, no initial investment is required. This actual business can be launched literally from scratch.

Food trade

If you decide to do this business, sell products that are in high demand. Look for buyers who take in large boxes. This allows you to quickly return your initial investment.

You can release anything. You can start making homemade cookies, or you can start making jams, semi-finished meat products or canned food.

Environmentally friendly products

Modern people began to give preference to natural products, without harmful chemical additives. Nowadays, many companies have appeared that are engaged in the production of organic products. If you are interested in what business is relevant in 2021, consider growing organic vegetables or producing biofuels. Such products are always in demand by consumers who care about their health. And there are many such people in our country.

Thrift store

In a crisis situation, people switch to economy mode, reducing their costs. Before deciding which business to open during a crisis, you need to understand what changes have taken place in the economy. It is with their consideration that you need to look for options.

From this article you will learn:

  • Business in the 2021 crisis
  • Factors to consider when starting a business in a crisis
  • 8 reasons why you should start a business in 2021-2021
  • What needs to be done so that business in Russia does not go bankrupt during a crisis
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Business in the crisis of the year

Many are alarmed by the situation with quarantine and economic instability.

There are a lot of stories about customer loss, layoffs, termination of contracts and the difficulties of working from home.

Questions arise: who will win and who will lose in a crisis? What opportunities does this open up? Where should you direct your forces?

Atypical situations allow you to look at familiar reality from a new perspective.

Before you start looking for business ideas in the 2021 crisis, you should make a list of your opportunities and decide which areas of business are worth exploring.

To determine the direction in business it is necessary: ​​

  • Make a list of your skills;
  • Check the 10 that are better than others;
  • Choose the one that you like the most; <
  • Having chosen a field of activity, you should free up time for the implementation of the 2021 business idea and allocate start-up capital.

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